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Wash film canisters, to remove any residue or smell from the film.

    Film Canister Angel Ornament


    One clear or white empty film canister
    One satin ball ornament or wooden bead
    Material for dress :
    I used 6 inch crocheted doilies, 6 inch round sequin
    knit material
    Material for wings:
    I used a 6 inch circle of the sequin material or doily,
    folded in half, gathered in the middle to form wings and stiffened.
    Or silver metalic twist.
    Fishing line and needle
    pipecleaners for halo and arms
    small flower

    Wash film canisters, to remove any residue or smell from the film.
    I take the lid off off the film canister, center the doily or material on the lid and using the fishing line and needle I attach the material to the lid, just poke the needle through the plastic lid. Then sew on the satin ball for the head so it is secure and knot the fishing line on inside of lid and cut ends.

    To gather the wings I use fishing line also and use the excess to sew the wings on to the back of the angel. Attach halo with glue. I use half of a pipe cleaner, 6 inches, twist around neckline, where the satin ball and film canister meet, curl the ends of each arm with pliers to form hands, put wire stem of flower through hands and twist several times to secure and cut off excess wire. These are so cute and you can even open the film canister and put in a little surprise for gift giving. You can poke holes in the canisters and fill with potpourri.