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    How to make a DMC Angel Doll

    Posted by Charlene on September 15, 1999
    DMC pattern for angel doll out of embroidery floss angel:
    Hair #726
    Gown #917,
    #91 variegated,
    Halo # 972 Bows white.

    Using Acrylic paints and a small brush, or fine-tipped felt marker,
    draw features on face(wooden bead) let dry..

    Remove labels from one floss skien, cut in half,
    creating two 3" folded pieces.

    set aside one 3" folded piece as one skien makes two dolls.
    Remove 3 pieces of cut floss from remaining 3" folded piece to use later
    for tieing; set aside.

    Tie tightly in center of 3" floded piece(at 1/2") with a 10" piece of
    gold metallic thread,(which will form hanger).
    Seperate looped section (at top) of floss in half, and pull one half
    down with cut pieces to form skirt. Cut this looped half of skirt open
    and trim to even out skirt bottom. Push top of loop down to and in front
    of knot area(waist). flattening loop to form arms at each side.

    Use 3 pieces of cut floss to tie in back at each shoulder and around
    waist(securing all skirt threads). Make a bow at waist
    back. Tie bows at wrists with white floss. Trim all excess.
    Bring gold hanger threads through hole in wooden head and secure
    both to shoulders with glue. Tie ends of hanger together at top.

    Wrap floss tightly around craft pick. Soak in water and
    let dry, then remove from pick. Apply glue liberally to head, fluff
    out curls and press curly hair to head. Trim off excess.

    Make round halo from scrap of gold floss and glue to back of angel's head.
    Make 2 wings from 3/4" lace and glue to angel's back.