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How to make a CD-Angel -
This ornament is fairly easy to do, and the finished product turns out just beautiful - Craftpals Angel Crafts Archives.

    How to make CD Angels

    CD Angel
    Posted by Deana on December 19,
    This ornament is fairly easy to do, and the finished product turns out just beautiful.
    Items Needed:
    1 Old CD
    1 Heart shaped doily (I used a gold heart w/ decorative cut work)
    1 Coffee filter (8-12 cup size, white, round Mr. Coffee type)
    1 Flat wooden clothespin (NOT the spring type)
    1 Decorative silk rosette
    Hot Glue Gun & glue sticks OR Very Tacky Glue

    First glue the heart shaped doily onto the shiny side of the CD 1/4 of the way down from the top edge of the CD.
    This will be your angel's wings.
    Next, to create her dress,
    flatten the coffee filter,
    then fold it in 1/2, and then fold it in 1/2 again (so it is 1/4 of it's original size).

    Next, with the scissors, snip off 1/4" of the tip (for the neck/collar).
    Unfold the filter to 1/2 its sized, and slide the flat wooden clothespin under the "dress", and insert the "head" through the collar.
    Place daps of glue on her chest and back.
    Then adhere the dress in place to prevent sliding around.
    With the angel lying face-up , take 1 of her "wrists" (the 2 ends of the folded edge of the filter), and fold at her "elbow".
    Glue 1 wrist in place over her chest.
    Next, glue the rosette in her "hand".
    Then repeat with the other "arm".
    Turn the angel over, and apply glue across her shoulders and 1/2 way down her body.

    Then, secure her to the CD/Heart, so that her head is over the center of the CD, and her "legs" hang below the lower edge of the CD by about 1".
    When the glue is fully dry, attach your angel to your Xmas tree by sliding her legs over a sturdy branch, much like a clothesline.

    Posted by Lavender on December 18,
    In Reply to: CD Angel Ornament posted by Deana on December 17, I made a couple of CD angels for my coworkers, but a much plainer version.
    I cut a big V notch at the top of the CD (just use a heavy-duty pair of scissors and cut slowly & straight).
    The CD will be the wings.
    Make a ball of stuffing to form the head and then drape a doily over it and secure with a small rubber band around the neck.
    Cover the rubber band by tying a ribbon around it and decorate with a rosette or small pearl.
    Make a halo from a silver pipe cleaner and insert into the neck ribbon at the back of the head.
    Loop another ribbon at the back of the head for hanging.
    Flair out the doily dress and shape.
    Glue the body/dress to the CD at the bottom of the big V so that the head is in the middle of the V.
    Looks sort of like this (\o/) Hopefully, it will look like the top of the wings.
    You can leave the head plain or draw a simple face of eyes & mouth and/or hair of spanish moss. Hope some of this makes sense.