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how to make a bowtie angel
how to make a  bowtie pasta angel

    How to make a Bowtie Pasta Angel

    Cruzmom posted Message 1108 in the CraftPals Christmas Ornaments
    Dated : September 18, 1998 at 22:42:43
    Subject: Bow-tie Angels

    I was asked to post the instructions for making these pins here.
    They are very cute and easy.

    Sort through the bag of bowtie noodles, disgarding any that have chips on both bows.(Save for dinner. LOL)
    Ones with a chip on one side can be cut and used for the skirt.
    Noodles that both sides of the bow are good, they will become the wings.
    For the skirt, gently but firmly cut the noodle in half in the middle
    (where the tie is).
    It takes some practice before they cut clean.

    I have found that it is best to lay the wings flat and try the skirt on.
    The cut part of the skirt should fit where the tie part of the wings are. Turning the skirt over sometimes make a better fit.
    Hot glue together.
    Spray paint (about 2 coats) of white paint on both sides of the noodles.

    Recently after advise from a Craft Pal, I sprayed them using various colors (maroon, navy and green).
    After they have dried hot glue a 10mm pearl bead in the tie of the wings
    noodle (head).
    I used fabric paint with glitter and put a coat on each side
    (maroon angel,I used Ruby glitter, Green angel I used Emerald glitter, navy angel I used Aquamarine glitter, and white angel you can use either silver or gold).

    The one I originally bought the lady had used clear silver glitter fingernail polish.
    After glitter has dried, I used gold tinsel (chenille stems) and looped a small piece over a pencil and twisted.
    Hot glued as the halo, and made a small knot in gold ribbon and hot glued where the wings and skirt match.
    Hot glue a pinback on the back.

    I hope these instructions are clear. You may email me if you need some
    clarification. I cannot take credit for these, only for passing the instructions along. Enjoy!