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How to make Wine Angels -
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Wine glass Angel tutorial with a list of materials needed.

    How to make Wine Glass Angels

    Aleene's Napkin Applique Glue
    Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue
    Crafting Tissue Paper or Confetti Shapes (if you are going to use tissue paper for hole punched shapes be sure to get two colors of tissue paper)
    Paints.....white, flesh/blush and eye color of your choice
    Plastic Wine Glass
    Drill with small drill bit or ice pick (handle carefully) Craft Punches or Confetti Shapes
    1/2' wide paintbrush, Small Paintbrush
    1' diameter wooden head bead
    Fine line permanent pen (black)
    Hair material of your choice
    12' thin cord color of your choice
    Wedding ring or choice of material for halo
    16' (2'wide) ribbon for wings
    6' (1/4' wide) gold ribbon
    6' (1/4 wide) ivory satin ribbon

    1.) Discard glass bottom. Drill a hole in bottom neck of glass. (watch your

    2.) Punch desired shapes from tissue or use confetti Shapes Also tear tissue up into small pieces for skirt.

    3.) Brush glue on inside of glass. Place tissue shapes or Confetti shapes randomly over glue. If desired, add tinsel and glitter. (This will be decorations on skirt)

    4.) Place larger tissue pieces over glue to cover inside of glass for the skirt. For neck of glass, brush glue into neck, place tissue (small pieces)into neck using paintbrush. (stuff them down inside) Let Dry

    5.) Glue toothpick into wood bead. Let dry. Paint bead blush/flesh. Let dry. Paint on white for eyes. Let dry.
    Using the small end of your paint brush dot in center of white paint with your choice of eye color paint. Let dry.
    Draw on facial features using permanet pen. Glue hair onto bead, (picture shows a pony tail....but do hairstyle of your choice, pony tail is cute) For hanger, tie thin cord around top of hair. For halo, place ring through hair.
    Glue on top of head. Glue toothpick into hole in bottom of glass. Let dry.

    6.) For wings, tie 2' wide ribbon into a bow. Glue to back of neck. For arms, tie ivory ribbon at center. Glue ends to neck area. Tie bow using gold ribbon. Glue to neck area.