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Thought I would share the instructions for a Tulle Angel that I have been making for the past few years - Angel Crafts Archives and Projects.

    How to make a Tulle Angel

    Thought I would share the instructions for a Tulle Angel that I have been making for the past few years.

    Materials needed:
    Strip of tulle 4-6 inches by as wide as material
    Needle and thread
    Tacky glue
    1 inch Christmas ball or wooden bead
    1 pipe cleaner
    1 piece of wired ribbon 6-8 inches (for wings)
    12 inches of ? inch ribbon
    Part of a piece of chenille (the kind that is fat and thin - cut at center of thin part)
    - halo Christmas ornament wire Glitter if desired Sew (baste) along one long side of the tulle. Gather it as tightly as you can - but leave a hole for the stem of the Christmas ball.
    Arrange tulle around stem of ball as you glue the ball to the top of the gathered tulle. Form circle out of the chenille piece and glue to top of ball with fat part toward front for a halo. Let glue dry.

    Fold pipe cleaner in half. Place the fold of pipe cleaner just below where tulle and ball are glued together in the front of angel.
    Bring pipe cleaner to back of the angel, cross, and bring ends back to the front. Bend for elbows and bend ends together as clasped hands.

    Fold back ? inch of each wire in ribbon to make ends pretty (optional).
    Gather wired ribbon in center with the ? inch ribbon.
    Tie a knot on top side of ribbon which now is placed next to the angel?s back. Bring ? inch ribbon to front, tie a bow and clip steamers to equal lengths.

    The angel can be hung by using the Christmas ornament wire slipped between the ? inch ribbon and the wings. If desired spread glue on the bottom edge of tulle skirt and sprinkle with glitter.

    All materials can be the same color or in complementary colors. Mine match my Christmas tree in that the tulle, pipe cleaners and ? in ribbon are pink and the halo and wings are shiny pearl. I?ve also made them in blue/silver and white/gold for friend?s trees. Another variation would be to substitute material for the tulle and use raffia for the wings for a southwest angel. They also make great package toppers. Enjoy!!
    Tulle Angel
    by JL