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How to make Shell Angels -
How To- Angel - Place crockle shell on glue pad - open side down and hinge to top - Angel Crafts Project Archives.

    How to make Shell Angels

    3" White cockle
    2 White 1 3/4" arcas
    2 White 3/4" to 1" honey nassa
    2 1/2" White sand auger
    1" calico pecten

    3" of Desert Sand textured fiber
    20mm wood bead
    1/2" of Gold 3mm pearls-by-the yard
    Wire cutters

    Angel-Place crockle shell on glue pad... open side down and hinge to top.
    Split bead,glue half to top of shell.
    Place arca shells on sides of head and top of body for wings, glue.

    Fit nassa shells open side down and brown ends on bottom of skirt for sleeves.
    Trim wing hinges off pecten shell with wire cutters.
    Glue pearls around inside edge of shell.
    Glue between wings for halo.
    Cut 3" of fiber, twist 2 times in center and glue to top of head for hair .
    Twist sides of hair, glue to sides of head, shoulder and top of sleeves.
    Spread and drape over shoulders.
    Cut off excess.

    Julie S