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How to make a Serger Thread Spool Angel -
Angel Crafts Project Archives - Another idea is to cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of spool and fill with sand or kitty litter to make small paper weight.
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    How to make Serger Thread Spool Angels

    Serger Thread Spool
    Styrofoam Ball (for the thead)depends on size of spool
    Fabric Paint for head
    Lace (I use 3 times the distance around the bottom of the spool)
    Gold Chennel stem for arms
    Thread for Gathering Lace
    Paint to cover thread spool (if desired)
    Ribbon for around neck small Ribbon Rose for Neck
    Hair (either purchased or made)

    Depending on the color of your spool you may want to paint or decoupage something on it.
    On one I used some silver metallic paint to cover the spoo which showed through the lace.

    Place toothpick in one end of the styrofoam ball and then use fabric paint to cover ball. I used a mixture of pink and white together.
    I found the fabric paint covered the ball better than regular acrylics.
    The toothpicks are to hold when painting the head.

    Then glue head to spool.
    Cut gold chennel stem in half and bend bottom to form hand.
    Take about 4 or 5 inches of lace and make a tube and insert chennel stem.

    Attach arms to sides of lace making sure they are envenly divided on the lace so that they end up on each side of the spool.
    Then take and gather the lace for dress making sure to pick up arm lace up at the same time.
    Gather and fasten around the base of head.
    You can either sew up the back opening or glue together.
    For the hair I wrapped yarn around a knitting needle and coated yarn hair
    When dry remove yarn and it will be curly and then you can glue to head.

    For the eyes:
    I used straight pins with colored heads. Then they can be pushed right into the sturofoam.
    You can tie ribbon around the neck or another type of lace to cover where the head and lace meet and then place a little ribbon rose at the base of head at the neckline.

    For the wings:
    I use some gold wired paper ribbon which I formed into a bow and attached with a glue gun and a couple of colored straight pins (which I placed out of sight) You can add a small ribbon to from a hanger if you want to use it as an ornament.

    Another idea is to cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of spool and fill with sand or kitty litter to make small paper weight.

    When I get my pictures developed I will have this angel put on the net for
    all to see.

    The other angel that I made was from a squeeze bottle of French mustard.
    You will require all the items as for the serger spool angel, the only thing
    that I did different was to put some water in the bottle and then just leave
    the water that is hanging on the sides and then pour in some gold paint and replace the top and then shake. The little water will help the paint coat the inside of bottle.

    Now you can either leave the top on the bottle and put the ball for the head on that or remove it and place the head right on the bottle.
    If you want this as a paper weight you have to add the sand or kitty litter
    before placing on the head.

    Hope these instructions make sense, it has been a long time since I wrote out any directions.
    _from an Angel friend_