Angel Crafts - How To Make a Paper Twist Angel

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Angel Crafts - How to make a Paper Twist Angel.

    Paper Twist Angel

    Materials Needed

    Paper Twist, color of choice
    Styrofoam Ball (2 1/2")
    Ribbon (3/4") Coordinating color
    Ribbon Rose (1")Coordinating color
    Ribbon Rose (tiny)Coordinating color
    Spanish Moss
    Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue


    1) Cut approx. 18"-20" to make body of angel.
    2) Gently untwist paper and straighten out.
    3) Place Glue (easier to use tacky glue) over the top of the styrofoam ball.
    3) Wrap one end of papertwist over the styrofoam ball until you can pinch It to the Paper at the beginning point.This will be the "back side".
    (Remaining paper will be hanging down in front)
    4) Carefully smooth out papertwist over the ball, adding glue & overlapping paper where necessary, until Ball is completely covered. (Try
    to keep the front side extra smooth to be used for The angel's face) 5) With the remaining paper hanging down, gently fold in middle (careful
    not to crease) and bring end of Paper up to the backside of the "head" about 3/4-1". Pinch both sides of paper together at
    the neck & glue.
    6) With scissors, round off the 3/4-1" of paper that is at the back of the head. (This will look like a collar)
    7) Cut a piece of paper about 1/2" wide just long enough to wrap around the "neck" & glue in back.
    8) Cut a piece of ribbon for hanger, fold in 1/2, tie knot in end, and glue to back of neck

    1) Cut papertwist approx 13", untwist
    2) Overlap ends and glue. (This will be the middle)
    3) Pinch together front and back and use glue or wire to hold together.
    4) Fluff out the ends (no creases)
    5) Make Wings.


    1) Cut papertwist piece about 6", untwist.
    2) Cut papertwist in half, lengthwise.
    3) With both pieces together, gently fold in center and round all 4 ends with the scissors at one time.
    4) Unfold, place side by side, and pinch together in the center.
    (Will look like a butterfly)
    5) Glue to the back of the arms.
    6) Cut a small piece of paper, 1/2", just long enough to wrap around the wings & arms to hide the glue/wires. Glue together in front of arms.
    7) Glue arms/wings to the backside of the angel, covering the glue used to Attach the ribbon hanger.
    8) Again fluff out arms, and spread-out wings, butterfly style.
    ( 2 curved up & 2 Curved pointing down)


    1) Glue Moss on the top, sides, and back of head.
    2) Cut out enough ribbon to make "halo" and glue on head.
    (glued ends in front)
    3) Make a bow and glue onto halo, add small ribbon rose, or any
    Other flower/decoration desired on top of bow. *I usually just make
    A double loop instead of an actual "bow"
    4) Either leave face plain, or paint one on as desired.
    5) Make Multi-layered bow and glue to base of neck. (I usually have 4
    streamers Hanging down with 4 loops)
    6) Glue larger ribbon rose to center of bow.

    *Angels can be made in "one" color schemes or coordinating color
    If I use 2 colors, I keep the papertwist one color and cord, the
    ribbon and roses.

    -from a Fellow Crafter-