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How To Make a Paperback Book Angel -Angel Crafts Project Archives - The Body - fold down the right side corner to center of book.

    Paperback Book Angels

    Directions for angels from paperback books

    paperback book-4"x7"x1",
    gold spray paint,
    3" styrofoam ball,
    20" ivory paper twist ribbon,
    1-3/4yds. gold netting,
    1ft. pre-gathered ivory lace,
    2-1/2" wide,
    1-1/2yds. ivory ribbon,1/4"wide,
    1yd. pink ribbon;
    1/8" wide, 1 gold chenille stem,
    curly doll hair,
    small craft green wreath,
    1 small grapevine wreath,
    10 mini rose buds,
    baby's breath.

    fold down the right side corner to center of book. Do this with each page,
    front and back cover.
    Hot glue covers together.
    Lightly spray paint the folded book. Glue pre-gathered lace around body top.

    cut ivory paper twist into two 10" pieces.
    Untwist each and glue together side by side.
    This makes one piece 10x12. Put styrofoam bnall in center of paper.
    Bring paper up around ball and wrap ends.
    Secure with fine wire. Cut off extra paper.

    Draw with fine point black marker. Elongated U shape with
    lines underneath for lashes. Glue head to body-tied end of head faces up.

    Cut two 5-1/4"x18" pieces of gold netting.
    Layer on top of each other. Glue chenille stem lengthwise to center.
    Fold netting over chenille stem lenghtwise with stem inside of netting.
    Wrap a piece of fine wire around the center. bend arms into a circle.
    Tie short ends together with a piece of wire. This is the back.
    Place arms over head and glue back under collar at neck back.

    use remaining gold netting, make a bow with 2 loops and no streamers.
    Glue to neck back.

    make a bow of 10 loops with two 6"streamers with the 1/4"ribbon.
    Glue to collar front. Glue hair to head. Glue grapevine wreath to head
    for halo. Using 1/8" ribbon, make bow. Glue this along with roses,
    baby's breath to halo. Glue roses and baby's breath to green wreath.
    Attach this wreath to arms as if angel was holding the wreath. Sheila