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How to make a Neck Tie Angel -
Angel Crafts Archive Projects - How To - Cover the cone with plastic bag as this will allow the angel to slide off cone when completed.

    How To Make a Neck Tie Angel
    Materials Needed:
    (based on using a 6' styrofoam cone.)
    Aleene's Fabric Stiffner
    Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue ('ADTG')

    Man's Neck Tie (purchased two Christain Dior Silk for 59 cents a piece
    at thrift

    6' styrofoam cone
    1 3/4' wood ball
    Acrylic Paint- Flesh, Black and Coral
    Qt size plastic bags - 2
    Spanish Moss or Curly Hair
    1 yard of 1' gathered lace
    9' of 6' wide lace
    4' of 1/8' gold ribbon for the hallow
    1/2' ribbon roses
    8X8 ince peice of muslin or 6' doily for wings

    Cover the cone with plastic bag as this will allow the angel to slide off cone when completed. For the angel dress cut 7' off the wide end of the tie, remove any stitches holding the tie together.
    Cut a 9' long piece from the skinny part of the tie, this will go around the neck. Tie a knot in the center of the 9' piece this will make the hands.
    Put fabric stiffner in plastic bag. stiffen lace and tie, squeegee out the fabric stiffener as you pull pieces out of the bag.
    Lay out pieces and bolt out excess stiffner.


    Gather stiffened 6' wide lace around cone. Pin in place to hold. Use wax paper to keep folds apart.
    To make the dress, place the larger piece of stiffened tie onto the cone lengthwise.
    To make the arms, place the other piece of stiffened tie on cone about 1 1/2' down from the top of the cone.
    The knot for the hands should be in the front. Place stiffened 1/2' lace around sleeves and neckline.


    No other glue is necesary as stiffner will act as glue.
    Paint the wooden ball...let dry. Attach head by putting 'ADTG' on bottom of
    ball and attach to top of cone and necktie. Cover back, side and top of ball with 'ADTG' and place spanish moss or Curly hair over glue.
    Wings cut two heart shapes from muslin and stich together. Turn right side out.
    Place into plastic bag and saturate with fabric stiffener. Squeegee out the excess.
    Place heart wings on back of angel and use straight pins to hold in place until dry.
    You can also use a 6' stiffened doily as wings. Paint the face......When angel is
    complety dry using 'ADTG' attach gold ribbon to head for halo and ribbon roses to hang.
    Pull out cone covered with plastic.
    Hope these directions make sense....if not just holler at me.