How To: Angel Crafts - Guardian Angel made with a Tomato Cage -


Guardian Angel made with a Tomato Cage from the craft store or garden centre - they have small, medium and large - Styrofoam Ball for head.

    Guardian Angel


    Tomato Cage from craft store (they have small, medium and large)Styrofoam Ball for head
    Hair (made or purchased)
    Material for dress (amount depends on size of cage used)
    Knee-hi Pantyhose (to cover ball)
    Material to make arms
    Material to make Halo (star garland is nice for this)
    Material to make wings (ribbon, carboard etc.)
    Lace for around the neck and the sleeves and the bottom of
    dress is desired.
    Elastic for neck


    Place ball on the prongs of the tomato cage (which is actually the part that will go in the ground)
    Pull pantyhose over the ball and attach to cage with glue or sew a few stitches around around the frame.
    Measure the distance from the cage from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the cage plus enough to make ahem at the top and bottom.

    Measure around the bottom of the cage and Multiply by 2 or 3 times the distance to get the amount of material needed to make dress. Then measure from the bottom of the ball to where the arms should of end and then decide how big around you want the arms to be.
    These measurements will tell you how much material you will need to make this project.

    To make the arms use the measurements you took for the dress and add a couple of inches so the hands will show under the sleeves.
    Sew up the back of the dress put hem in the bottom of dress.
    Make arms and sleeves and attach to neck of dress (making sure that they are equal distance apart.

    Then turn in the amount you left for the hem at the neck and thenyou can sew casing leaving an opening to run the elastic through.
    Put elastic through the hem place on cage and pull to fit around the cage, now you can add the lace or ribbon or whatever you want to finish off neckline. The hair of the angel cut off enough of the garland to for halo for angel.
    Put on wings and the Guardian Angel is finished.

    The purpose of this Angel is to guard your jewelry when you arenot home.
    Put jewelry or what ever you want out of sight in small plastic bags and use a clothes pin to place them on the tomato cage ribs.
    Depending on the fabric you may want to make sure that there is no back light behind the angel as the bags will show up. When not being used for this purpose it makes a great place to store my craft videos out of sight.