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Dowel Angel Ornaments made from wooden dowels - Cut paint top half for head, add face, glue hair on.

    How to make a Wooden Dowel Angel

    Use wooden dowel: 3/4 diameter,
    2-3/8 inches long, or any size you perfer.

    Cut paint top half for head, add face, glue hair on. Take wide lace that
    is gathered on one side and glue under head, around dowel to make dress, smaller thin dowel for arms. Use craft wire and string from one arm to the other, place a heart in middle with saying. Be sure and drill hole in top of head for hanging before you glue hair on.. Add halo and wings. Glue bow to front.

    Frosty made from dowel:

    Wooden dowel: 3/4 diameter, 2 3/8 inches long.
    paint dowel white, fix a face on top half, add black hat,
    use felt or material to cut a scarf to wrap around his neck.

    Dowel Reindeer:

    Wooden dowel: 3/4 diameter, 2 3/8 inches.

    Use acrylic paints, paint the top part of dowel a darker brown then paint
    the rest of the dowel a lighter brown.
    Top part will be head, paint eyes(or use moveable eyes) add red pom pom
    nose. Paint 2hoffs on front of dowel in darker brown color. Make lines
    (squiggly) here and there to look like fur. Add bow around neck
    use jingle bell. Use pipe cleaners for antlers or twigs....
    Drill small hole to glue then in, another in middle for hanger.