Angel Crafts Archives - How To Make Coffee Filter Angel Project

Angel Crafts Archives - Coffee Filter Angel Project - Add a halo - wire, beads, metal ring - and glue wings made of lace or ribbon to the back.

    How to make a Coffee Filter Angel

    C4 coffee filters
    small amt of fiberfill
    silk ribbon
    small rose/flower
    Glitter paint (opt)
    gold pipe cleaner/chenille stems/string beads (for Halo)

    directions as follows:
    Take three coffee filters, place small amt of fiber fill in center of goffee filter and form head. Take 7 or 8 inches if silk/satin ribbon and tie around the fiberfill to form head. Tie ribbon into bow. Glue small rose or small flower on top of bow tie.

    Start seperating coffee filters apart to form dress (fluffs dress out)
    form a circle out of pipe cleaner to form a halo Glue halo to top of head.

    Take another coffee filter cut in half and gather/scrunch the center of half filter to form wings use twist tie to hold in place. Glue to center back. Glue small satin bow tie to back of wings.

    I take glitter paint in gold or silver and water it down a little, paint and brush paint all over the top filter(dress area) I glue fish line for ornament hanger.

    How about angels made of crochet thread -- you make them like a tassel, winding the thread around a piece of cardboard about the size you would like final length to be. Use a small styro ball or cotton ball to make the "head" at top of tassel, tying with thread under the "head". Wrap another batch of threads to make arms, slip under the head and tie below the arms. bring ends of arms together to make praying hands.

    Add a halo -- wire, beads, metal ring -- and glue wings made of lace or ribbon to the back.
    Your angels can hold ribbon roses, beads, etc
    in their hands.

    -from a Fellow Crafter-