Angel Crafts - How To Make a Battenburg Lace Angel

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How to make a Battenburg Lace Angel with round white Battenburg doilies.

    Battenburg Lace Angels

    *2-10" round white battenburg doilies,
    *1" wood furnicture button (I used round wood cutout instead.)
    *acrylic paints: red, white, brown
    *liner paintbrush
    *light yellow yarn for hair, 2/3 yard (I used spanish moss.)
    *24 gauge gold wire, 6 inches
    *1/4" white satin ribbon, 2/3 yard
    *hot glue gun
    *misc. items: sewing needle, white sewing thread, scissors,
    cotton swab,powder blush.

    To make the wings,
    run a gathering thread across center of one doily.
    Pull threads tight and knot. DO NOT CUT THREADS For the hanger, knot
    threads 2 inches above first knot.

    2:to make the dress, fold back top sides of second doily, spot glue at top.
    Turn under top 1 inch and glue to the center of wings.

    3:to paint the face, paint tiny brown nose on furnicture button. Use brush
    handle to dot brown eyes and red mouth, let dry. Apply blush to cheeks with
    damp cotton swab.

    4:to make hair, wrap yarn around three fingers five times. Thread wrap at
    center, knot. Glue hair to top center of head.

    5:to make the halo, bend gold wire into a 1 1/2" circle, twist ends
    together. Glue twist to the back of head.6:to finish, glue head to dress
    top. Tie a 4 loop ribbon bow with long streamers, glue under neck.
    Good luck.

    -from a Fellow Crafter-