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How to make a Pussywillow Wreath Page 2.

pussywillow in bloom

Pussy Willow Wreath
Page #2

- I tied my branches about 8" apart with cable ties to make a rope.

branches from the pussywillow tree

_ 7 feet was not long enough to make my wreath.

_ so I made up another little bundle and tied that
to the first rope, about 12 inches from the bottom.

_ used more cable ties and tied both bundles together.

cut pussywillow branches to manageable sizes

- there you go, my rope! :)
- started bending my rope into a circle.

start making a rope with the pussywillow branches

_ then I went looking for someone with strong wrists.
_ my husband patiently did the honors.
_ tied the circle for my wreath with cable ties.

tie branches branches from the pussywillow tree with cable ties

_ tied the end pieces in with more cable ties.

_ I made such a mess out of my house .. man oh man!

_ this is definately an outside job. :)

branches from the pussywillow tree

_ I turned a large flower pot upside down.

_ eased the wreath down to the rim of the pot.

_ left the wreath like this over night.

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