Scented Rose Ball

Posted by Evelyn on October 24,

These can be used to scent drawers, and cupboards or
used just as a pretty decorative object.

3-in(7cm)diameter dry foam ball
Rose essential oil1 3/4yd. (1.5m)of 1/2in.(12mm) wide ribbon Pins
2oz.(60g) rosebuds
All-purpose glue

Make a small hole in the form ball and release
6-8 drops of rose oil into it. Cut ribbon
into 2 equal lengths and tie them around
the ball, effectively dividing it into quarters.
(It may help to pin them in place before fastening.)

Dip the base of each rosebud into the glue
(each one has a small stalk which can be
pushed right into the foam). Stud the
quarters with the rosebuds and pack them
closely together so that no foam is visible.
(When working with dry foam and essential
oils be careful not to touch your eyes as
both can irritate.)

Take Care

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