Lynette posted Message 2042 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : May 01, 1999 at 07:27:23
Subject: Orange & Lemon Slices

I recently made these for a craft show and thought I would share, coz they were good sellers.
I dried the slices then put orange essential oil onto the orange slices (lemon oil for lemon)
Tried different ways of wrapping, in the end I got 6 pieces and stacked them like pancakes, put them in the centre
of a strip of cellophane, rolled it and tied each end with a raffia bow, so they looked like a large wrapped candy or like a Xmas cracker.

People were able to see them through the cellophane (and still smell them) I arranged them in a basket and put a sign on that about what they were and different ways of using them, e.g. slice into segments for pot pourrie, glue to Xmas garlands, Xmas wreaths.
I also put some unwrapped slices into a little basket so people could smell/see them more closely.
These and scented pinecones were the most popular items that day.

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