Oil candles

From Ann

Oil Candles
These are so simple to make it is unreal!
First though - your glass bottle must be sterilized.
Some of my early ones went moldy as I didnt think to do this.
Sterilize your bottles in the dishwasher
- can even use old perfume and use Acid Etch Creme to remove the perfume name and give glass a cloudy look.
Can play around and evenmake twirls etc Anyhow add your dried flowers
- you can add small silk but they will usually loose their color and fade in the oil.
When you are happy with the flowers in the bottle gradually add oil to almost fill
- leave about 1/2 in to 3/4 in head gap

- I dip the cork in potassium metabysulphite and water solution and then tap into the opening (this is solution used for cleaning wine bottles and sterilizes)
Then I dip the corked bottle in some hot liquid wax
- make a small wax ball and flatten this and wrap over the bottle head
- press as tight as possible and redip the bottle.
A lovely full raised seal.
Tie the glass wick holder with the wick in it to the neck of the bottle

.....Very Important ---
most lamp oils smoke it is very important to get an oil designed for oil candles and this will say right on the container
- it is odorless, smokeless and much safer
- a cheaper oil has been known to explode the candle. I have experimented - to my distress
- the one that I have been the most pleased with and found to be the best oil is ULTRAPURE

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