general potpourri "method."

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Dated : February 02, 1999 at 14:52:14
Subject: potpourri

But, if you're making a potpourri, you really don't need a specific recipe, just the usual general potpourri "method."
You'll need:
--one kind of fixative of your choice, such as minced dried citrus peels, powdered orris root, oakmoss, etc.
Or, use that "synthetic" granular fixative on the market which I believe is made of cellulose.
(A fixative is merely a substance that works particularly well to hold and prolong potpourri scent.)
--one or two fragrance or essential oils of your choice: cinnamon, clove, whatever.
--and if desired, some extra pretties: large cinnamon sticks or pieces, whole nutmeg, whole cloves, that sort of thing.
--Put a couple of tablespoons of the fixative in a small glass container. Add a few drops of fragrance or essential oil.
If using two oils, use less of the second oil.

Mix; cover container tightly. Allow to stand a day or so.

Check to see if you like the scent blend; add a bit more scent if it seems too light.
If too strong to you, simply add more fixative; you can always seal up leftover fixative/oil mix in plastic wrap & use in another potpourri.
--Put a couple of handsful of rosehips and other desired materials in a glass bowl, add the fixative/oil blend,
and mix gently to distribute. Transfer the potpourri to its final display container.
Easy as pie (actually, much easier...*I* never could make a pie! LOL!)

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