Has anyone ever dipped?

Janice Harms posted Message 2021 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : April 26, 1999 at 15:17:20
Subject: Has anyone ever dipped?

I'm trying out a new project from another bb, where you take a stuffed teddy bear and dab him with wax that's been scented with spices.
Just picked up a small one at a flea market for 10 cents and dipped him, and boy is he cute and fragrant!
But I haven't seen a picture of this yet and I'm wondering if I did it correctly!!

Janice posted Message 2376 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : July 30, 1999 at 01:03:15
Subject: Re: think I got this dippin' figured out

HA...addictive, huh???? What size bears are you dipping three times? I have not had good results with even double dipping!
To make bears more "fuzzy" take a fork and kind of fluff up the wax as you paint on...or even if you'll see the difference!

Bonny posted Message 2036 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : April 29, 1999 at 04:08:29
Subject: Re: Has anyone ever dipped?

#### From what I have read, those gals who are "dipping" are dipping everything that doesn't move.
One posted that the possibilities are endless.
I read that the reason for "dabbing" the wax on the bear, was it would take too large a container and too much wax to dip the bear.
Also, dabbing on the wax uses less wax.
Bear's arms and legs are not moveable after the wax treatment, so pose them where you want 'em before dipping or dabbing. Haven't tried it yet, just repeating the instructions that I read. bye Bonny (Granny) #--------*

Judie posted Message 2049 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : May 02, 1999 at 18:26:52
Subject: Re: Has anyone ever dipped?

I am a successful dipper...
bunnies,bears,wood name it I have done it...
I usually do cinnamon scent...
I take approx 1/2 lb wax...add 3 brown crayons broken into small pieces...
I use a large tin juice can,,,,
stir often...after wax melts...
add approx 2 oz.cinnamon....stir well....then I dip...

To dip bears or bunnies I 1st dip one end...then after cools turn it over and dip other...
then take 1 1/2 in paint brush and dab more wax on so it has texture....
Make sure you have them positions before wax hardens...cause they are frozen when that happens...
I then decorate them with different flags...little wood boats...wooden apples.....etc....

Yesterday I went to a shop...sold him all I had and he ordered doz more...
he called me today and ordered 2 doz more for next weekend...then went to a craft show and a lady I know was there ...
she doesn't do all her own work...she does large shows like in malls...
she bought all the dipped baskets(great for potpourri) and animals I did last night and ordered 2 doz of each...
so it is a very popular thing...for animals I use mini muslin bears..and bunnies but I am trying larger ones this week....Judie

Lori posted Message 2372 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
Dated : July 29, 1999 at 21:32:15
Subject: think I got this dippin' figured out

I spent my evening dipping bears.
This is my 3rd adventure into the dipping territory!!
I've found that mine work best if I dip them 2 or 3 times.
I dip, let cool, and dip again.
I haven't figured out how some come out roughed up looking and others smooth.....
especially when they are the same type bear with the same fur.
I also think that I like the effect that I get when I use a dif. shade of brown on each dipping
. One other thing that I tried was adding 1 brown crayon and 1 black crayon to the melted wax.
It came out a very nice dark brown. A BIG thanks to all that have posted about dipping!!!

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