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Christian Gifts with Poems and Inspirational Quotes

Hand print lily

All you need is:
black construction paper
white paper (I used printer paper)
green construction paper (leaves)
green pipe cleaner (cut in half)
yellow pipe cleaner (small piece)
"My Handprint Lily" poem
Easter Lilies story (on back)
hot glue and glue gun
elmer's glue
I typed up the poem on my printshop and put a frame around it.
"My Handprint Lily" A piece of me I give to you,
I used my thumb and fingers too,
To make this lily just for you.
It doesn't smell, it doesn't grow,
I made it because He loves us so.
Remember that on Good Friday,
Jesus died to wash our sins away.
They buried Him and 3 days passed,
He arose on Easter Sunday at last.

After you get your poem printed out you can glue it to your black paper. Take your white paper and trace the child's hand. Cut it out and curl each of the fingers around a pencil. Then using the palm of the handprint, form a cone with the fingers curling out. Tape the flower together. Then twist your green and yellow pipe cleaners together. The green is for the stem and the yellow is for the inside of the lily. Put your pipe cleaners inside your lily. Then you can hot glue your flower on the paper. Glue on the leaves.

On the back I found a story about Easter Lilies on the internet and glued it on the back. It says:

Easter Lilies

The beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life- the spiritual essence of Easter.
Often called the "white-robed apostles of hope."
Lilies were found growing in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ's agony.
Tradition has it that the beautiful white lilies sprung up where drops of Christ's sweat fell to the ground in his final hours of sorrow and deep distress.
Churches continue this tradition at Easter time by surrounding their alters and crosses with masses of Easter Lilies to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope of life everlasting.

Happy box

We all experience days when we feel spiritually
depleted-we feel down, un cared for, unloved. The
world is not our oyster today. Yet, like many of our
impressions, this too, is an illusion. We are the same
yesterday, today, and tomorrow, even though
circumstances may try to persuade us otherwise.

This is when we need the comfort of a "Happy Box."
Take the time to make one for yourself and you will
reap the benefits over and over. Fill your box with
items that you collect over a time; a special card from
a favorite aunt, your child's first attempt to write
"I love you," a photo of you and your best friend, That
pretty stone you found on vacation, your child's first tooth,
the ribbon off a bunch of flowers from a caring friend;
all help you to re-align yourself and see the world
as the wonder that it is.

Your "Happy Box" represents tangible items of the
love and joy that are present in your world each and
every day. It's like money in the bank of happiness.
Start your happiness account today.

He is risen paper plate craft

Paper plate
crayons, or stickers
hole punch
(Optional) construction paper and paper fastener
Cut a paper plate in half.
Cut a half circle out of the bottom of one of the plate halves.
Use markers or crayons or stickers to decorate the plate halves with bright flowers.
Hold the two halves of the plates together and punch holes 1" apart along the curved sides.
Tape one end of a piece of yarn to make a needle and knot the other end. Holding the halves together, lace around the curved sides. Attach the yarn end to the back with tape.
Write "He is risen" on the inside behind the cutout half circle.
Hang up your project with a loop of yarn.
Other ideas: Cut a construction paper circle for the stone and glue it to one side of the entrance.
Draw an angel inside the tomb and the two Marys on the outside.

I made up a sample of this craft and the other teachers love it too (Yeah!!). We will do the lettering ahead of time, and also glue the two paper plates together before punching the holes to make it easier for the kids when lacing. The children will lace the plates and decorate them with markers and stickers (we found small birds, butterfly and flower stickers) on Easter Sunday. One of our teachers also came up with the idea of making the stone out of construction paper and attaching it to the plate with a split-pin so that the children can "roll away the stone" to see the empty tomb. (Haven't tried that part yet).

Heavenly Prescription

Washed and sterilized pill bottles
Invent it print and stick project sheets
Laminating paper (clear shelf paper)
Scissors (plain and craft)
Printed scripture verses

Directions: Wash and sterilize pill bottles unless new and unused. Using a print shop program, make a label for your bottle and print it out on your invent it project paper. This makes it a peel and stick label. All you have to do is cut around your label, peel off backing and stick onto your pill bottle. I also used a piece of clear packaging tape to go over the label to help protect printing from smearing. Now, you need to print out some scripture cards being sure to make your cards small enough to go into the bottle using your favorite scripture verses. After you print out the verses cut and laminate them and they are ready to be inserted into the bottle. Label

Heavenly Prescription
To: Child of God
Dosage: Take as needed for spiritual renewal.
For best results use daily.
Physician: Jesus Christ
Caution: Dangerous only if forgotten

He is 'reisen'

Put Reisen candies in a jar or baggie with tag
His story bracelet
One night there was a bright star (star charm)
Which guided 3 men (glass bead)
Who were the 3 wise men ( another glass bead)
To the birth of Jesus (white bead)
Who later in life became a carpenter (I would use a wooden bead here)
And a fisher of men & souls. (fish charm)
He had 12 apostles (silver circle ring)
Who spread the Word of Christ.
But on one black day of hatred, envy & death (black square bead)
He shed His blood for us (red)
To purify & save us (clear)
He rose & is now in Heaven (light blue)
Sealed with the Father & the Holy Spirit (dove charm)
& He did all this because of His great love for us (heart bead)

#2 -

Red bead
White bead
Black bead

Once upon a time
Long, long ago
A star led us to Bethlehem (Star)
A baby, new, to show
This tiny newborn infant
An angel in disguise (angel)
Was presented to the shepherds
And the three men wise
A king laid in a manger (crown)
A symbol from God above
Whose life among the people
Would bring goodness, peace and love
As he grew from babe to youngster
With the love of God He ran
He became the one we listened to
As He cast out evil from the soul of man (black bead)
But some were not so happy
And decided He must die
So on a cross they nailed Him (cross)
And all His followers could do was cry
His blood was shed before us (red bead)
His purity shone so bright (white bead)
As He was crucified to save us
And heads bowed at that awful sight
But soon the Heavens rang out (bell)
As God welcomed His son into His home
And when Mary went to visit the cave
She found Jesus' spirit had flown (dove)
His love we'll feel forever
His Spirit will forever touch our hearts
For to follow Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour's life
Is where our journey starts
© 2006 Yvonne Lowther

Holy Sandpaper

This was given by God... may it be used to His glory.
You will need sandpaper (cut small heart shapes from) and your choice of color paper. The cards are laminated using clear shelf paper (found at Wal-Mart). Print or copy this poem:

Holy Sandpaper

Used to smooth out the rough edges of an atttude,
inspiring within a soul warm gratitude.
The miracle this paper works is grand,
when applied to our rough edges by the Master's Hand.
As the edges are softened its work starts to taper,
but we never forget the feel of the Master's Sandpaper.
~ © Charlene Dickerson ~

I used plain bookmarks (found at Wal-Mart) to measure by and add firmness. I placed bookmark over the poem, cut around edges to fit to bookmark. Then add small amount of glue, to hold in place and glue poem to bookmark. Use clear shelf paper and laminate. Hot glue heart shape sandpaper to front top and write Holy on it.

Hope rocks

Sometimes the dark clouds
hide the sunshine's rays
you feel so alone
on those dismal days.

There doesn't seem much point
your heart aches too much
and the thought of tomorrow
holds no gentle touch.

That's when you need hope
to know the sun will shine
believe there is a reason
it will work out in time.

Just keep on going
hold your head up high
hope is what connects you
and gives you wings to fly.
© Sue Pitchfork.

Hope is the voice inside you
pushing for that extra mile
and hope gives you the courage
to wipe your tears and smile.

Without hope you'd wonder
what's the point to every day
hope knows things will get better
so hang in there and pray.
© Sue Pitchfork

Hope gives strength
Opportunity to grow
Problems will be solved
Eternally my soul will glow.
© Sue Pitchfork

#4 -

. Put me in your pocket,
Keep me with you all the time,
When you have a fear to face
Or a mountain you must climb
Just tuck me safe inside your palm
And let me help you cope.
I am not designed for answers,
I am here to give you hope.
A token simple and quite small,
I stand for something grand.
The promise of the future
Rests in every person's hand.
Author unknown

House for sale
Address: Heaven
Many rooms with a master suite
Spacious love
Open floor plan for peach
Large eat-in grace
Fenced in mercy with room for
Pool of milk & honey in back
Pearly gates in front
The only way to the Father is through the Son
Price: $0.00 - Calvary - Owner financing
Friendly, angelic neighbors
Great family & friends
Praise the Lord all day & night
Bring a friend & get a reward
For More Information:
Call your local agent or representative
Name, address & phone # listed below:
Name: Jesus Christ
Address: Repent Highway & Streets of Gold
Phone: Dial John 3:16

How sweet are thy words

How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my taste. Ps 119:103
Almond Joy: ...leap for joy...your reward is great in heaven. Luk 6:23
Bit-O-Honey: Pleasant words are as an homecomb, sweet to the soul.... Prov. 16:24
Candy cane: ...thy rod & thy staff they comfort me. Ps 23:4
Gum: "chews' ye this day whom ye will serve,... Josh 24:15
Gummy bears: Bear ye one another's burdens... Gal. 6:2
King-sized anything: King of kings, Lord of lords 1 Tim 6:15
Mint: God 'mint' what he said when- & the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. Gen 9:15
Rocky road: straight is the gate, & narrow is the way Matt 7:14
---jazbo 10.08

Smarties: Happy is the man that findeth wisdom... Prov. 3:13

Icicle Angel

Use silver or clear long (plastic) icicle, the ones found in store to hang on your tree. Take a round med.size wooden head, just big enough to sit on top of icicle. Drill hole or use wooden head with hole already in it. Glue head to top of icicle over the part that has a hole to hang icicle on tree. Paint head flesh color. Add face and glue on hair and halo, wings can be lace, wide ribbon or already made wings.. Attach hanger to back of head, add a bow to front where head attaches to icicle. She's ready to hang.


Here hangs an angel sparkling bright,
giving off an iridescent light.
She's a reminder that God in His infinite love,
came down from heaven up above.
Should you find her nestled among the branches on this tree,
may she remind you of the Savior who died for you and me!
Designed by © Charlene Dickerson

If Jesus Had an Obituary
Jerusalem - OBITUARIES - 33 AD

Jesus Christ, 33, of Nazareth, died Friday on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, the place of the skull. Betrayed by the apostle Judas, Jesus was crucified by the Romans, by order of the Ruler Pontius Pilate. The causes of death were crucifixion, extreme exhaustion, severe torture, & loss of blood.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of Abraham, was a member of the house of David. He was the Son of the late Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth, & Mary, His devoted Mother. Jesus was born in a stable in the city of Bethlehem, Judea. He is survived by His mother Mary, His faithful Apostles, numerous disciples, & many other followers.

Jesus was self educated & spent most of his adult life working as a Teacher. Jesus also occasionally worked as a Medical Doctor & it is reported that he healed many patients. Up until the time of His death, Jesus was teaching & sharing the Good News, healing the sick, touching the lonely, feeding the hungry, & helping the poor.

Jesus was most noted for telling parables about His father's Kingdom & performing miracles, such as feeding over 5,000 people with only 5 loaves of bread & 2 fish, & healing a man who was born blind. On the day before His death, He held a Last Supper celebrating the Passover Feast, at which He foretold His death.

The body was quickly buried in a stone grave, which was donated by Joseph of Arimathea, a loyal friend of the family. By order of Pontius Pilate, a boulder was rolled in front of the tomb. Roman soldiers were put on guard.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that everyone try to live as Jesus did. Donations may be sent to anyone in need. ---AUTHOR UNKNOWN TO ME

I Love You Jesus Hand

In sign language this hand signal is I Love You... I wrote Jesus on the hand to make it an I love you Jesus hand.

This hand is made out of a glove. Simply stuff, glue wrist edges closed after you stuff the hand. Take a long piece of ribbon, desired length and tie. Put tied piece under ring finger and middle finger, bringing the ribbon up around to back of hand enclosing these fingers over it. Glue these two fingers down.

Write Jesus on the hand with a marker or paint. I received a hand from a friend. I simply changed it to be an I Love You Jesus hand. You can also attach a card with saying, such as... Here's an extra I Love You, for when times are sad.
May it brighten your day and make you glad.
Or, fix another saying using scripture about God's love. You can change the name from Jesus to Mom, Dad... etc. Also can use it for children to have their friends sign their names on at a birthday party, school, etc.
--- © Charlene Dickerson

"I" in Holiday

Lord, help me to take the "I" out of this holiday,
and focus on the "J" on finding the right way.
'Cause the hustle & the bustle & the shopping & parties, too,
are trying to exhause me 'till I don't know what to do.
And when it comes to giving, help me remember that God gave
the treatest gift we can ever receive - His son who came to save.
So let me give an obedient life to my Father everyday,
& find the Joy to celebrate in His Holy Day.
~~~ © Sally Suiter

Innkeeper's Key

attach poem to a key

In Bethlehem a star shone bright
To signify a special night.
Mary and Joseph had come to stay
But each lodging place turned them away.
At the last place they tried,
still no room at all
Except for a simple hay-filled stall.
Thanks to one man's kindness
to those needy strangers
Jesus' life began, safe in a lowly manger.
This innkeepers key is a symbol of
how simple act fills the world with love.
Keep this key, and remember
God's love is the reason
We are filled with blessings
each Christmas season.

Inspiration Bottles

These are little clear bottles with a cork for the top. Put some of that irredescent easter grass in the bottom & then add a brass charm with one of the following poems. Cute idea.

#1 -


Inspiration With Angel Charm
Inspiration begins with
May You Always have An Angel By Your Side
Watching out for you in all the things you do
Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days
Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to take
you to beautiful places....

#2 -


Inspiration comes with both moon and star charm
Inspiration begins with
Dreams of the future...
Dreams of Hope...
Dreams of what will come to pass.
A walk in the forest...
A stroll by the stream...
A chuckle in the twilight...

#3 -


Inspiration comes with
Dove of Thanks Charm
Inspiration begins with
Straight from the heart
this Thank you is sent
to tell you how much your
thoughtfulness meant
Being Remembered
in such a nice way........

#4 -


Inspiration comes with Heart Charm
Inspiration begins with
The perfect love thats yours alone
and has been from the start
The love that you can only find
by following your heart
As you follow your heart
where ever it leads.....

#5 --


Insparation comes with Heart Charm
Inspiration begins with
Dont put limits on yourself
Your dreams are waiting to be realized
Dont leave your important desicions to chance
Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize....

I pray you enough

The story goes that a woman observed a mother and daughter saying goodbye at the airport. She overheard the mother say to the daughter "I pray you enough". The daughter responded with the same expression.

When the daughter walked down the tunnel to get on the plane the woman approached the mother and asked her what that meant, "I pray you enough".
The mom said the following:

I pray you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no
matter how gray the day may appear.
I pray you enough rain to appreciate the sun.
I pray you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.
I pray you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear big.
I pray you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I pray you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I pray you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

Jelly bean prayer

Red is for the blood He gave.
Green is for the grass he made.
Yellow is for the sun so bright.
Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is for the sins we made.
White is for the grace He gave.
Purple is for His hour of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.

A bag full of colors,
So colorful and true,
Is a prayer, is a promise,
From Jesus to you!
©1997 Charlene Dickerson

Jelly bean witness

Print out the special Color's of Christ poem. Color and cut it out, then glue it onto an empty baby food jar. Fill with jelly beans. Decorate the lid with Easter grass, and glue miniature Easter ornaments onto the grass. *Tip: Have the kids color and cut out the poem and glue it to their jar. Then, as you read the poem, have the kids drop two to three of each of the matching colored jelly beans into their jar. Decorate the lids and enjoy the sweet treat!

Optional, Scriptures to be read with the poem:
ORANGE is for Heaven so bright. (2 Samuel 22:13-14)
YELLOW is for God's perfect light. (Revelation 21:23)
BLACK is for the sins we've made.* (Romans 3:23)
RED is for the blood He gave. (Romans 5:8)
WHITE is for our cleansing from sin.* (Psalm 51:1-2)
GREEN is for our new life in Him. (Colossians 1:10)
PINK is for His free gift to share. (Matthew 28:19-20)
PURPLE is for the crowns we'll wear! (2 Timothy 4:8)
The witness of the Jelly Beans is true,
trust in Jesus, because he loves you! (Romans 10:13)

jesse tree

Jesse Trees date back to the middle ages. Even some ancient cathedrals have Jesse Tree designs in their stained glass windows. The idea for a Jesse Tree is inspired from Isaiah 11:1, "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit." (Jesse was the father of King David.) In Matthew chapter one, the Messiah, Jesus, is traced from the line of King David, and back to Abraham.

A Jesse Tree can be made by hanging your ornaments onto an interesting looking tree branch which is set into a stand, or by sewing fabric ornaments onto a banner, or by hanging the ornaments onto a traditional Christmas tree. Jesse Tree ornaments depict the 'Messianic line of Jesus' from the Old and New Testaments, and tell the redemption story. Unlike a Chrismon Ornament, you decorate Jesse ornaments using various colors and adornments.

Suggested Activities

For Sunday School:

Each week during Advent have the children make an ornament, and memorize the corresponding Scripture verse. Over the course of the Advent season, the Jesse Tree will come alive with their creations!
For Home Use: Set aside one or two days a week during Advent to make a new ornament for your Jesse Tree. You might even decorate a smaller tree for your dining room table! Make sure you check out the Craft Showcase page for instructions on creating an Advent Wreath. It includes a devotional section for Advent preparation too.


Before anything was made, God existed as three in one.
CREATION- Star. God made the world and everything in it.
ADAM & EVE- Apple. Reminds us of the fall and our need for a Savior.
MOSES-Stone Tablets. The Ten Commandments. God's covenant with Israel.
PASSOVER-Lamb. God's faithfulness to deliver his people from bondage in Egypt.
Also depicts Jesus, our Passover Lamb.
DAVID-Shepherd's Staff and/or Crown. David, the shepherd boy who became a king.
ANGEL-Announces the birth of Messiah.
EPIPHANY OR NATAL STAR-The wise men followed the star that led to the King.
JESUS' BAPTISM-A Water Jug. John The Baptist used water to baptize Jesus.
JESUS' ANOINTING-Dove. The dove descended on Jesus, marking the beginning of his earthly ministry.
JESUS IS THE VINE-We are the branches.
JESUS- Chi-Rho Symbol- Early Christians used the first two letters of the Greek word, XPICTOC, as a secret sign meaning 'Christ'.
LAST SUPPER- Chalice. The wine symbolizes his blood, to cleanse our sins.
CRUCIFIXION- The Cross. Jesus' death, our redemption.
HEART-God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.
RESURRECTION- Lightning Bolt. Lightning depicts God's awesome power to raise Jesus from the dead!
PENTECOST- Tongues of Fire
FISH- "Fishers of men". Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.
HEAVEN-Crown. He shall reign forever and ever.
Other symbols may be added to your Jesse Tree. Use your own creativity and design more ornaments to tell the story of Jesus, the 'branch' that would bear fruit!

Jesus birthday invitation


You are cordially invited to attend a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

Guest of Honor: JESUS CHRIST
Date: Everyday. Traditionally December 25, but He's always around, so the date is flexible.
Time: Whenever you're ready ... please don't be too late, though; or you'll miss out on all the fun.
Place: In your heart. He'll meet you there ... you'll hear Him knock.
Attire: Come as you are. .. grubbies are okay. He'll be washing our clothes anyway. He said something about new white robes and crowns for everyone who stays till the last.
Tickets: Admission is free. He's already paid for everyone.
(He says... You would not have been able to afford it. It's cost Him everything He had!)
Refreshments: New wine, bread and a far-out drink He calls "Living Water", followed by a supper that promises to be out of this world!
Gift Suggestions: Your Heart. He's one of those people who already has everything else. (He's very generous in return, though; wait till you see what He has for you!)
Entertainment: Joy, Peace, Truth, Light, Life, Love, Real Happiness, Communion with God, Forgiveness, Miracles, Healing, Power, Eternity in Paradise, and much more! (All rated "G" so bring your family and friends.)
RSVP Very Important! He must know ahead so he can reserve a spot for you at the table. Also, He's keeping a list of His friends for future reference. He calls it the "Lamb's Book of Life".
Party Being Given By His Kids (that's us). Hope to See You There!

Jesus is the 'reisen' for the season

Walmart sells wonderful Riesen (pronounced Ree-son) candies for $1.37 a bag (Where the Brach candy is hanging.) Riesen candies are wrapped, chocolate covered caramels. I had an idea to fill a pint sized mason jars with the candy and decorate the top with fabric, ribbon, etc.
~~Attach a tag that says, "Jesus Is The "Riesen" For The Season!"
I should be able to fill two jars for this price. ---Lori Jean

Jesus kite "Lets Fly A Kite"

Scripture: And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the house they where sitting. Acts ;2

The Cross: The structural design of a kite is made of two sticks or bars. The structural design of our lives should also be based on the cross.

Faith: The kites sting....Just as a kite lifted bye the wind cannot remain aloft with out string to anchor it to earth and to give it stability and control, neither will we soar to great heights in God if we are not grounded in our faith.

Christ: Firm foundation.....To fly a kite effectively there must be and area of good solid ground on which to be able to run and move, free of obstructions. Christ is our firm foundation 1 Corinthians 3:11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit: Wind....To fly a kite you must wait upon the wind. Without a strong breeze the kite is not going to have any lift. We must have the wind of the Holy Spirit in our lives to give us the lift we need.

Resurrection: The rise of the kite: Jesus Resurrection..... As the world begins to bloom around us a new life springs fourth, our focus is driven to the new life we receive when we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour. As the kite rises into the air, so Jesus was resurrected to heaven. Jesus resurrection is what differentiates him from other martyrs. He not only died for us, but he rose again and TODAY is sitting at the Father's right hand making intercession for us.

Jesus Ornament

a clear Christmas ornament. Inside was a nail, some sand, a thorn and a piece of wood. The sand to symbolize Jesus' footprints in the sand, the thorn for the crown He wore, the nail for His nail-pierced hands and the piece of wood for the cross.

#1 -

The sand where Jesus walked with me
'Til I could walk no longer,
And that is when he carried me
'Til I had grown much stronger.

A nail like that which pierced His flesh
When he was crucified
Reminding me that for my sins,
My saviour suffered and died.

The wood reminds us of the cross
Where He drew His last breath;
The thorn is from the crown He wore
Pressed deep into His flesh.

This reminder is for a Christmas tree,
But what we should remember
Is to think of Jesus the whole year through
Not just in December.
©2004 Kelli Williams
An alternate last paragraph ('cause that first one is far from perfect!):

This ornament is full of things
To remind us of His love
And we should praise and honor Him,
Our Saviour up above!
©2004 Kelli Williams

#2 -

They pierced His hands with nails
as they nailed Him to the cross.
His head bore a crown of thorns,
yet it was all our great loss.

And still He walks with us today
with our lives safe in His command,
but if you ever start to wonder
just look for footprints in the sand!

#3 -

On a hill far away
Stood a cross, Oh so tall
And a man they nailed there
Who died for us all

The thorns on his head
The nails in his skin
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who paid for our sin

So the next time you wander
Leaving footprints behind
Remember Our saviour
Who gave his life for mankind
© Yvonne Lowther 1003

Jesus Stocking

Give one of these poems attached to a white stocking:

#1 -

It wasn't that anyone had really been forgotten,
no children had been slighted or made unhappy
and no adult had been left unremembered.
The presents had all been distributed
and all the stockings were beautifully filled,
all that is except one;
it was the stocking intended for the Child of Behtlehem.
Of all the people belonging at that Christmas gathering,
only He had been forgotten.
Only he had been left out of the festivities.
This didn't seem quite right,
in as much as it was His birthday that was being celebrated.
This year, the little white stocking will be hung
in a special place in our home.
On Christmas Eve, we will gather the family together
and each of us will write on a piece of paper,
a gift for Jesus to be placed in the stocking.
It will remain in the stocking until next year's Christmas Eve,
when we will reach into the stocking and
pass out the papers from the year before.
We hope that you will enjoy beginning this holiday tradition in your home.
Your gift could include:
Personal goals you wish to achieve, family goals, ways you will be of service to others in the coming year, or relationships you wish to improve.

#2 -

The presents were all there
Under the Christmas tree.
The stockings were hung and filled.
One for mom, dad, and me.
And yet, --what's that?--
Another one that I didn't see.
A beautiful White Christmas Stocking
That seemed to be empty.
It was the stocking for Baby Jesus
Only HE had been forgotten.
So we each wrote on a piece of paper
And slip the notes in the stocking,
To be left there until next Christmas Eve.
On that night we will take them out to read.
Did we fulfill our commitments,
Our goals, or give to those in need?
For those are the daily gifts we can give,
That give to Jesus too.
Gifts of love from each of us
Gifts of love to you.
Again on Christmas Day
We will write a little note.
And tuck it in the White Christmas Stocking
To fill the year with hope.
...(c) Birdiekity Sept-2000

#3 -

It's not great deeds
We do in life
That matter very much
But with the love
With which we do them
And the joy
Of those they touch.

So let's hang this stocking
For the Lord,
To honor Him above!
For Jesus did
Great deeds for us,
And did them all
With love!

Then maybe when
We leave this life
As every mortal must,
We'll find
The Savior's mantle hung
With stockings
Just for us!

#4 -

This little stocking is for Jesus
it needn't be too big you see
He doesn't ask for much
He only wants to be a part
of your life each day
and dwell inside your heart
So hang this little stocking
on your tree for all to see
and when they ask why Jesus gets the little one
the story you can share
how he lives inside your heart
and never will depart
he doesn't ask for much
and it needn't be too big.

Jesus' tears

Slide a teardrop crystal onto a 12" (or shorter) piece of 18 gauge artistic silver wire.
Twist a small curl in the end with needle nose pliers.
Slide a rondelle or round crystal bead onto the wire, kinking the wire a little so that the beads line up.
Continue with different kinds of beads until you get the look you want.
Remember every icicle is different!
Bend and curl the wire at top as shown and trim any excess wire.
Add a metallic bow if desired.
Frosted beads and colorful beads also make pretty icicles. Make long ones and shorter ones.
Hang in a sunny window or near lights on a Christmas tree to watch the love glisten through!
Pictured icicle was threaded as follows: Teardrop, rondelle, spaghetti, 4 mm round, 8 mm round, tri-bead, 10 mm round, rondelle, 6 mm round, 10 mm round, 4 mm round, rondelle, 10 mm round, tri-bead, 12 mm round, rondelle, 6 mm round, 8 mm round and rondelle on 11 inches of wire.

#1 -

a simple little icicle,
shimmering high & low,
reminds of Jesus' tears
shed so long ago.
Not tears for His pain
But rather for our sin.
He cried as He forgave us
While we ignored His lesson.
So when you see an icicle
It may be tears from above.
As He still cries for us now
He sends his glistening love!
---Shirley Thomas

Jesus to the rescue

....Band Aid-reminds us of the "aid" that God gave to Noah, Elijah, etc.
....Carmel-Elijah "prayed" on Mount Carmel for God to come to the rescue.
....Fireball-Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego obeyed even when it became very hot.
... A lifesaver-Jesus saves us from our sins.
....Mint- Noah believed that God "mint" what He said.
....A broken tongue depresser- God does not want us to depress our tongues. Rather we need to courageously speak like Esther.

Journal of Faith

The idea is for her to write down her favorite bible verses and sayings and to write a list of all the people and events that she wants to pray for, so that she won't forget anyone. I thought it could have a fancy name

Here's a little notebook
Especially for you
To keep abreast of all the things
And help you remember what you must do

First of all it's useful
For writing up a prayer
Then of course a verse or two
And names of those who care

Use it as a special book
To jot the nice things down
Or even some of the awful things
That sometimes bring a frown

But most of all a memory book
Of those that you hold dear
And then this book you'll treasure
Forever and a year
(C) Yvonne Lowther 1103

#2 -

This journal is for keeping
All your thoughts and hopes and prayers,
Your wishes and your daydreams,
Your burdens and your cares.

While pleasant thoughts can brighten days
And make our path less troubled,
Those things which bring us pain and strife
Can make our burdens double.

Just write upon these pages
Things which bear upon your mind,
Your pleasant thoughts of others
And even things you think unkind.

A certain kind of therapy
These pages can impart.
You put your feelings on a page,
Remove them from your heart.

Leave those thoughts and burdens
To the Lord and all His grace.
A peace you'll find within your heart,
A smile upon your face.

Just a prayer away

A part of us went with you when you were called back home.
Some days we only get through remembering you are not alone.
And we'll be together another day in heaven, that glorious place. but for now you're just a prayer away living new life by God's grace.
---author unknown


There's a cross that I keep.
It helps me each day

To walk in his footsteps
and follow His way.
And if I'm weighed down with some sorrow or loss,
It gives me the courage to shoulder my cross.
Each day it helps me to be mindful of His ultimate sacrifice - arms stretched in love.
... ~ © Lisa O. Engelhardt~

Key poems

#1 -

.. No man can do it alone.
God holds the key.
May this be a reminder...
He's there for you and me!

#2 -

This is a Christianity Key...
It's a reminder of how
Christians should be...
Sometimes we forget why we're here....
And we don't remember how to care....

#3 -

Faith is a necessity to help
live your life successfully..
Hope will help you through
the day, even when you've
lost your way.... Charity is more then money,
it can be a kind word,
a smile, Or, making someone's
life more sunny...

#4 -

Love thy neighbor as your-
self is the Golden Rule, and,
it's something God expects
us to do.......
So give your heart to Jesus,
And let Him hold this key,
Hold Him in your heart,
because His Love is always
there for you, and for me..

LDS hump day

one year mark:

...Anything cut in half, symbolizing 'half way' - jar half full of candy, 1 sock (gets the other one when he gets home), etc.
...tag could have a camel with a hump
...put a message in a bottle with a few shells, some sand, etc.
...a small first aid kit
...sewing kit
...missionary survival kit - Use paper cutouts in a mini-file folder you make yourself:
- shoe - lengthen your stride

- orange - 'orange' you glad you were called to serve
- measuring spoons - as a leader, you really measure up
- mint - you are worth a mint
- gum - 'chews' the right
- glue - thanks for sticking to your missionary work key
- "The key to happiness is to get the spirit & keep it."
- Marion G. Romney
- heart - serve the Lord with all your heart
- marking pen - thanks for leaving your mark
- rubber band - continue to expand your knowlwedge, read the scriptures
- almond joy
- men are, that they might have joy; joy to the world; joy is an attitude that come through gratitude
- Angel
- Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
- Hebrews 13:2
- Bandaids
- And remember in all things, the sick & the afflicted for he that doeth not these things, the same is not my disciple.
- Bit O Honey
- pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul - Prov. 16:24
- calculator
- Do the math.... count Your blessings.
- Candle
- let your light so shine before men
- Candy hearts
- a merry heart doeth good like a medicine - Prov. 17:22
- Chapstick - Heb 13:5
- Chinese finger trap
- avoid getting trapped in satan's snares
- dish soap
- Joy to the world
- gummy or cinnamon bears
- bear one another's burdens
- bear your testimony
- hanky:

I hope you will excuse me if the tears begin to flow
because sometimes I like to water my testimony
- it helps it to grow.
- heart -
- Love others as if they were you.
- for God so loved... - John 3:16
- God knoweth your heart - Luke 16:5
- Do these things with a cheerful heart - DC 59:15
- Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth... But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven... For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. --Matthew 6:19-21
- For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. --1 Samuel 16:7
- A joyful heart is good medicine. --Proverbs 17:22
- Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8
-Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. --Proverbs 3: 5-6
- House
- But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. --Joshua 24:15
- Kleenex
- cry unto the Lord
- light bulbs
- let your light so shine
- nuts
- God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
- pen, pencil
- draw near to the Lord
- use rocks from your yard & use regular colored markers to decorate. Put Hel. 5:12 on the bottom side; 'Say your prayers' - on the top; - PRAYER ROCKS!!! On one side; & pray without ceasing on the other.

...smarties - ...Choosing to be humble tastes sweet, being compelled is sour.
...jewel or gem - ...Everlasting treasure is knowing the truth, then acting upon it. - ...Life's journey is short, make the most of it.
...calculator - do the math: count your blessings
...question mark - ...Trust in God, he will support you through your trials.
...chocolate foil-wrapped coins - ...Share your testimony, it's worth more than gold.
...gummy bears, small teddy bear - bear your testimony often
...diaper - ...You can only change yourself, so start with your attitude.
...make an encouragement jar with uplifting thoughts & starlight mints, etc.

Tool box

Choose long nails that drive the feeling of love & concern deep into the heart. The people should always feel that they can rely & trust in you with their personal problems.

Square your shoulders with determination to prepare adequately ahead of time. Use prayer as the powerful key to know what to say.

If the rapport between you & the people you visit isn't what you feel it should be, pull out & drive again. Keep driving. Your relationship should be sturdy & strong, so that real friendship buds.

A saw isn't working if it goes only one way. Use your companion in this 2-way process. Compare notes for better visits & meeting individual needs.

To smooth out any rough edges. Be prepared.

...Check out & find the Dec. 1976 New Era for Missionary Menus that might be fun to print up on recipe cards & send.

Listen to the Spirit

A tiny bell that rings ever so softly that represents how we must carefully listen to the still small voice.
Fruit to symbolize that the fruit of the spirit is love, joy and peace.
A dove to represent the Holy Ghost.
A book to represent the scriptures where we can study and feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
A sun even though there is only one, many can feel the warmth.
A small patch of comfy material representing a comforter.
A compass and map for direction.
A flashlight for guidance.
A shell to hear the whisperings of the spirit.

LITTLE PEBBLE with poem:

Roll Away the Stone
Suffering and spent, broken and bent,
a crucified King with no throne,
His burial grave was a stone-sealed cave
but He rolled away the stone.
At that hour, He unleashed a power
the greatest the world has known,
And we were freed by His wondrous deed
when He rolled away the stone.
If heavy cares weigh you down in despair,
remember you're not alone,
For He can shoulder each burden or boulder
He'll roll away the stone.
In the darkest night, we can see the light
our glorified Savior shone.
From struggle and strife, we rise to new life
when we roll away the stone.
~ © Lisa O. Engelhardt~

Lord, as my children grow
Lord, as my children grow help me to train them with...
Vision - so that they may discover all You made them to be.
Discipline - so that their hearts may be tender & yielded to You.
Wisdom - so that they will make good choices & hold right values.
Faith - so that they will live free of fear & depend on You for all things.
Truth - so that they will grow strong in character & in favor of You.
Love - so that their hearts will come to know Your heart & express it to others.
---Roy Lessin

Magnet poems

#1 -

Or some could be used with any craft.

This is a special little magnet
To hang on your fridge door
To remind you of your faith
And all God's promises galore
---© 2004 lou buffkin

#2 -

Here is a special magnet
It carries a message of love
So you'll always remember
It's God you serve in Heaven above
---© 2004 lou buffkin

#3 -

Hang this magnet on your fridge door
And remember it's Jesus you're living for
---© 2004 lou buffkin

#4 -

God bless this little magnet
And the home where it resides
May the love of Jesus
Be well known by those inside!
---© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

#5 -

God bless this little magnet
And the home where it resides
May it be a happy place
Where love and joy abide!
---© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

#6 -

A little good luck magnet
To keep you safe and sound
Just hang it on your fridge door
To remind you, God is all around
---© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

#7 -

It's not very big
And not all that grand too
But it will help you remember
God loves us, it's true
---© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

#8 -

Walk daily with the Lord
spend quiet time in prayer
this magnet is a reminder
that God is always there.
~ © Sue Pitchfork~

#9 -

Like Faith a magnet sticks
refusing to let go
so stick it on your fridge
and let your faith show.
~Sue Pitchfork~

#10 -

My God has stuck by me
in high times and in low
He's been my tower of strength
provided my inner glow
We are stuck together
with bonds greater than glue
my God watches out for me
in everything I say and do.
~Sue Pitchfork~

Christmas Candy M&M'S

As you hold these candies
In you hand,
And turn them,
You will see.
The M becomes a W,
An E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story,
It's one I'm sure you know.
It took place in a stable,
A long, long, time ago.
The E is for the East,
Where the star shone so bright.
The M is for the Manger,
Where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the Wisemen,
Bearing gifts, they say they came.
W is for Worship, Hallelujah, Praise His Name.
So as you eat these candies,
Or share them with a friend,
Remember the meaning of Christmas,
It's a Love story that never ends.
---- by Pam Ridenour

Marriage takes three

I once thought marriage took just two to make a go. But now I am convinced it takes the Lord also.
And not one marriage fails where Christ is asked to enter as lovers come together with Jesus at the center.
But marriage seldom thrives & homes are incomplete till He is welcomed there, to help avoid defeat.
In homes where Christ is first, it's obvious to see, those unions really work, for marriage still takes three.

Memorial bracelet

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there.
I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond's gilt on the snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there.
I did not die.

Middle of the Bible

Did you know that:
1)Psalm 118 is the middle chapter of the entire Bible?
2)Psalm 117, before Psalm 118 is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
3)Psalm 119,
after Psalm 118 is the longest chapter in the Bible?
4)The Bible has 594 chapters before Psalm 118 and 594 chapters after Psalm 118?
5)If you add up all the chapters except Psalm 118, you get a total of 1188 chapters.
6)1188 or Psalm 118 verse 8 is the middle verse of the entire Bible?
Should the central verse not have a fairly important message?
"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." - Psalm 118:8
Is this central verse not also the central theme of the entire Bible?
(Or for you legalists who look up Psalm 118 and find out it has 29 verses, perhaps verses 14 and 15 are the center of the Bible)

Minister's, Missionary

...Band-Aid- for healing ailing souls.
...Candle-Let your light so shine.
...Cotton Ball- a cushion of support from your family and friends.
...Lifesaver- because you are giving others a whole new life
...Penny-so you'll never be broke.
...Rubber band - remember to bend your will to the Lord's.
...Tootsie Roll- to help you roll with the punches

Missionary gifts

Food items--in the local area, anything- Ramen Noodles (chicken flavor--other flavors are readily available, but in Asian countries they don't have chicken flavor), Cup-of-Noodles flavor packets such as spaghetti sauce mixes, chili or taco seasoning, Lipton dry soups, Kool-Aid, Tang, Gatorade, Hot chocolate packets, Jell-O, pudding pkg's Beef jerky, granola bars, cold cereal, sugarless chewing gum, candy, Peanut butter, Root Beer and Maple extract. Some missionaries are lousy cooks, so they may like pre-made mixes such as pancakes mixes, Kraft mac & cheese. HINT: Most foreign missionaries do not like American mac & cheese.

Non-Food items--100% dark cotton socks (no man-made fibers because they cause rashes), if you are sending to a tropical area such as Ecuador, etc., we get cotton socks for missionaries at Wal-mart or K-mart. If you want to send a high quality sock to those serving in colder areas, Penney's carry the Gold Toe brand and they are excellent. But, they are expensive, too. Sister missionaries use a lot of knee hi's. If you can find trouser socks (Sears, Avon, Target) they wear longer. They look like knee-hi's, but are stronger.

Ties (conservative), T-shirt (for P-day, or work days--remember, they are missionaries, so watch what is printed on the T-shirt!), Gym shorts that go to the knee (to cover garments), pillow case, flat sheet (not fitted). Gloves if they are serving in a cold area.

Anti-Perspirants (hard to find in other countries), toothpaste (also hard to get in some foreign countries and are poor quality), toothbrush, shampoo, shaving cream, liquid soap (some missionaries get skin rashes from bar soaps), disposable razors, anti-biotic ointment, chap stick, comb or brush. Band-Aids and other First Aid items, anti-fungal foot spray and powder.

Small sewing kit, pens and mechanical pencils, mini flashlight, mini screwdriver, pocket-size notepads or notebooks, stationery, blank envelopes and postcards, disposable camera (some are so poor they don't own cameras), small paperback books that focus on missionary work, (one suggestion is "Key to Conversion" by Glenn L. Pearson--inexpensive and very valuable to missionaries), Also, Deseret Book as pocket size paperbacks that are excellent for missionaries.

Religious stickers (some available at Deseret Book) of Jesus, religious cards (such as Articles of Faith, and other religious quotes), small religious pictures, small pictures of Temples. scripture marking pencils, pens, markers, etc. Missionaries make small things to give to their investigators by using 3x5 cards and put stickers of Jesus on them, along with quotes, etc.
Primary CTR rings to give to the children they are teaching.

Mug ideas ... a bookmark, a packet with hot chocolate, hot cider or Latte.

#1 -

I'm giving you this bookmark
Do you know why, just think
It's so you won't lose the page you're at
When you go to make this drink
© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

#2 -

A bookmark and a drink for you
A special, simple gift
To keep your place and quench your thirst
And give your heart a lift
© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

#3 -

God gave us books for knowledge
But they can't quench a thirst
So if you want to make a drink
Then use this bookmark first
© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

#4 -

Here's a tasty little gift
Sent just from me to you
So if you get thirsty while reading
You can enjoy this cup of brew!
katieangelamber © 2004

#5 -

To make your reading more pleasant
Here are a couple of gifts for you
A bookmark to keep your place
And a cup of delicious brew!
katieangelamber © 2004

#6 -

A book is sure to help you
Quench your need for knowledge first,
Then enjoy this soothing drink
That's sure to quench your thirst.
©2004 Kelli Williams

#7 -

Something warm to sip
While you relax and read,
A mark to keep your place,
And you've everything you need!
©2004 Kelli Williams


You will need colored paper in your choice. Print the following saying onto page. Cut around & place onto a plain bookmark to add firmness. Laminate with clear shelf paper & glue a small musical instrument to front. I used a small harp.

There is music in children's laughter, and in happily ever after.
There is music in the young & old. And music on our Father's fold.
There is music in death & sorrow' & in every new tomorrow.
Why, there is music everywhere, some to hoard & some to share.
~~~ © Charlene Dickerson

Nativity - for children:

This little gift is just for you
Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus too
Keep the story's message in everything you do
And remember Jesus loves you the whole year through
© bonniek

- Here's a little token
To remind you of the morn
When in a stable far away
Our Lord Baby Jesus was born.
So keep it close beside your bed,
May it fill your heart with love,
When you remember the first Christmas day
You'll receive Blessings from above!
Doreen Scerri © 2007

#3 -

In a manger where the animals lie
Baby Jesus was finally born
His parents knew He was a special gift
To be heralded by angels' horns

The wisemen sought the new born King
They travelled from afar
They finally found the Christ child
By following the brightest star

This story has a moral
It's one that you should learn
To follow Christ forever
Crowns of glory you will earn
© 2006 Diane Whitman

#4 -

The meaning of this season
Isn't found in earthly gifts
It's with the Holy Spirit
Who gives our souls a lift
It's the story of a baby
With a manger for his bed
And tiny scraps of straw
To rest his precious head
What peace and joy the baby
Brought to us that day
Our sins would be forgiven
The baby leads the way!
Let's celebrate the season
And let the angels sing!
New life and hope for mankind
What joyfulness it brings!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

#5 -

Gift of Love
The spirit of Christmas
Is filling the air
And people are spending
As if they had no cares

The best gift of all
Just happens to be free
The Gift of Love given
To you from me!
katieangelamber © 2004

Nativity in candy

- Julia Bettencort
Rocky Road - the road Joseph & Mary traveled - Luk 2:4,5
Reece's - Jesus is the 'reeces' for the season
Milk Way - I am the way - John 14:6
Sugar Babies - Baby Jesus - Luk 2:7
Candy cane - shepherds - Luke 2:8,9
Almond Joy - angels - Luk 2:10-12
Smarties - Wise men - Mat 2:1,2
Starburst - star - Matt 2:9,10
Any foil-wrapped candy - gifts of the wisemen - Mat 2:11
Reisens - John 3:16

Nativity story bracelet

An angel (silver charm) of the Lord visited Mary (light blue bead).
He told her, "Because of God's Love (red heart bead) for the world, you will give birth to a son (light blue oval).
You will name him Jesus (square crystal).
He will save (silver cross charm) His people from their sins (black square)."
So, Joseph (round brown) & Mary (blue diamond) went to Bethlehem.
Mary gave birth to her son (light blue oval) wrapping him in cloths (white barrel). She placed him in a manger (square wood), because there was no room for them at the inn (silver round).
There were shepherds watching their flocks in a field (round green).
An angel (silver charm) of the Lord appeared & glory (irredescent round) shown all around.
Suddenly more (6-8 silver jump rings) angels appeared, praising God & proclaiming peace (pearl).
Three kings (fancy gold rings) from the East followed a star (silver star) & brought the Savior gifts (amber round). A King had been born (crystal).

Nativity Scripture Scroll

This 2 1/2" x 4" ornament is a Scripture Scroll that my daughter Christine made.
Yours can be any size you like. On your computer, type out a Bible verse taken from the Christmas story found in Luke or Matthew. She chose Mt. 1:23. She found a small dingbat emblem of an angel and typed that at the top, followed by the verse, putting the reference at the bottom. Next, she printed it on a marbled paper that has the look of parchment, and tore it out of the sheet of paper, leaving large margins. Then Christine took 2 thin straight sticks and trimmed them of any bumps. She glued the paper to the sticks, top and bottom then let them dry. Then she rolled up the slack of paper, top and bottom, to create the rolled scroll look and glued the rolls in place. After the glue dried she poked a wire ornament hanger in the top edge. Using a pair of kitchen tongs she carefully held the paper next to a candle flame just briefly enough to darken the sides of the scroll. Finally, spray paper with clear sealer or hairspray so your ink won't run. That's it! You could also put any other message on the paper, of course.

Nativity set

Dear _______, I wanted to get you something
Other than a household gift
Something that you'd treasure
And give your hearts a lift.
So when the Christmas season nears
And you and Caleb celebrate in style
Each year you'll bring out these gifts
And they will make you smile.
For what better decoration
Than a lovely Nativity Set
As we remember the first Christmas
And celebrate it yet.
I'm also adding a coupon
So you can choose your very first tree
I hope it will have a special place
Within your family.
To bring it all together
Some holiday gifts I'm adding too
To show how much I love you
And wish you both the best
your whole lives through.
Doreen Scerri © 2007

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