Some may be rated X; sorry. I just collect them. (((hugs)))
Small Note:    Copyright on poems have to stay with the poems - please.

Appreciation - Quick Gifts with Poems

These are sayings to go with a small gift.

Acupuncture - a jab well done

Air freshener

- Fresh Air - For bringing a fresh approach
- thanks for the fresh ideas

Almond joy -

...thanks for adding joy to (my life, life of a child) are a real joy
- you're a joy to work with

Amazin Fruits're 'amazing' when it comes to _______


- you are heaven-sent
- thanks for being an angel
- halo award: metallic pipecleaner twisted into a halo

Animal crackers - this place is, would be a zoo without you

Any sweet treat

- here are your just desserts
- it's a real treat to know you; work with you
- sweet token of appreciation
- teachers come & teachers go, but you're the best I'll ever know. thanks for being there
- treat yourself good - you deserve it
- your commitment has such sweet results
- you're so sweet, having you as a friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc., is really a treat Apples
- if (___) were apples, I'd pick you
- if a good (___) deserves an apple, you deserve the whole tree
- we really appreciate all you do, but a plain apple wouldn't be enough to show our gratitude.
(attached to a beautiful fancy apple on a stick, rolled in chocolate, carmel, nuts, etc.)
- you're the boss, applesauce

Appointment book - thanks for all the time you _______

Aspirin - first aid award


- our new baby is special & so are you. Thank you for sharing our excitement
- we've been blessed. a new baby & dear friends like you to share our joy

Baby ruth - you're a real slugger!
Baby's bottom award - for being the smoothest in times of crisis
Backscratcher - thanks for the helping hand


- bringin' home the bakin'
- donuts - donut know what I would do without you; the hole thing; tired of the hole thing
- get a rise
- knead love
- raise the dough
- rise to the occasion
- short on dough
- trade info on a knead to know
- yeast you can do


- Had a ball (or bawl)
- for being on the ball
On the Ball Award- for the energetic person who has it all together - thanks for giving us the needed bounce


- full of 'hot air' for the "Go power for the go getter"
- reach for the sky
- windbag award
- we're bursting to say thanks
- (blow up a balloon & fill with confetti) there's nothing we'd rather do, than start the new year with you.
- you float above the rest

Balloon stress ball (to look like an apple)

When you're feeling rather stressed out,
And you've had an awful day;
Just take this apple and squeeze it
To soothe your stress away
(c) Yvonne Lowther 1003


- for the person with great ap'peel '
- thanks a bunch
- you are the best of the bunch
- you make _____ a'peel'ing

Banana bread

If I could choose my teacher and I searched the whole world through, I'd simply go "bananas" trying to find a better teacher than you! You're the best of the bunch!

Bandaid - The band-aid Award - for those who can fix anything
For someone who got a boo-boo

- for all the aid you provide
- to help fix any hurt feelings
- when things get a little rough

Bar none - bar none, you are the best!
Baryschnikov award - ballet slippers: given to the employee who has excelled at the skill of dancing around the issues
Baseball bat
Knocked yourself out award
Basket of apples - construction paper leaves with nice sayings (A+ teacher; you're special): you are the apple of our eye
Basket of bananas, oranges and apples - You make learning a-peeling
Bath items
Bath salts - to take you away - you deserved a quiet break

You have worked so hard
Now sit back and relax
With this bath set
Come my hearty thanks!
Doreen Scerri © 2007

A gift to say thank you
For all you've done through the year
Time to unwind and relax
You have been such a dear.
Doreen Scerri © 2007


Lazy days of summer
Is what we wish for you
Now that school is over
You deserve a break too
So relax and enjoy
Thanks for all you do
©2007 Cuz


With the school year ending
I wanted to give you a little gift
Just to give you my thanks
And to give your spirits a lift


A basketful of pretty things
To help you to relax
So take it home and enjoy it all
While lying in the bath
© 0404 Yvonne Lowther


A facecloth, some oil and bubblebath
Bath pearls and soap here too
Just a little thank you gift
For doing what you do
© 0404 Yvonne Lowther


-You charged us up
- you've really added energy to our group. thanks for charging us up


- you're un-bead-able
- can't be 'bead'


Its "bean" wonderful
you've always bean there for me
you've allways bean someone I could look up to
you've bean thoughtful, wonderful, etc

Bear (stuffed, cinny, etc)

- For bearing up under pressure
- I can't bear to think what _____ would be like without you
- our thanks to you bears repeating
- thank you 'bear'y much

Bee are one in a 'buzz'illion
...I bee-lieve in you
...always buzzy
...'bee'lieve me when I say, I appreciate you's the latest buzz - we appreciate you
...some honey loves, wants to thank you
...thankzzz for all you do
...thankzzz for 'bee'ing such a great asset, friend, etc
...thanks 'for bee'ing you
...we appreciate that you have gone above & 'bee'yond
...we 'bee'lieve in you are as special, caring, etc., as can 'bee' are one in a 'buzz'illion

Bermuda triangle award - for the desk where things go in but never come out

Berries - For the person who did a "Berry good Job"
(wax or plastic berry mounted to a piece of wood)
- you are the 'berry' best around

Berry Pie or Jam a berry good teacher
...You're the "berry" best teacher around! Thanks for always being there.

Best foot forward - sock with the toe cut off
Big heart - for real dedication
Big Kahuna award - for most time spent tirelessly surfing the internet
Binoculars - thank you for believing in what I was becoming even before it was clear to see from a distance
Bling - Shining Example
Block - life just 'wooden' be (isn't) the same without you
Blue ribbon- you're a winner


- 'seas' the opportunity...;
- smooth sailing;
Bone - funny bone: for entertaining us; resolving a situation with humor
(feather attached to a piece of bone)


- I'll 'book' you as my (___) any day
- unselfish & nobel actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls
- what a novel idea!
- what a novel way to show how much we appreciate you


It Takes Just One
One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald the spring.

One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal.

One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey,
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what's true.
One life can make the difference,
You see, it's up to YOU!
author unknown to me

Boot - best foot forward
Bosses day

#1 -

Today's the day we celebrate
The bosses who employ us!
We like to keep things interesting
And hope that they enjoy us!
Your gift is oh so cheap because
My paycheck's lookin' ratty!
It's obvious you're just my boss
And not my Sugar Daddy!
©2004 Kelli Williams

Bottle of water - water you waiting for? join us for...


- for bouncing back
- for one who bounced back & softened our hearts
- put some bounce in your steps
Bowling - have some time to spare? join us for a good time, etc.
Box - think outside the box


- I realize how hard it is to be my friend right now, but knowing I have your support is making it so much easier
- thanks for your support!


- when we 'kneaded' you, you were there
- knead a change?
- 'dough'nt forget how much we appreciate you
- thanks for rising to the occasion

Broom - you are 'dust' the best around

Brown bag
Windbag Award- A blown up bag


- thanks for not letting the small things bug you
- no ifs, ants or bugs about it, you did a great job

Bunch (flowers, bananas, grapes, etc) - thanks a bunch!

Bundle of anything

- bundle of thanks
- our appreciation is bundled up with these ...


- hares to you!
- somebunny loves you

Burnt toast

- here's to you
- well done!

Bushel - sending a bushel of thanks
Butterfly - just to thank you for the beauty you bring into the world


- button down to...;
- for keeping your shirt on


Heads up award- For the person who is heads above the rest; or announcement (as in giving you a head-up)


- I can always count on you
- 'sum'body appreciates you
- thank you for being the kind of friend I can count on
- we count ourselves fortunate to have you on our team
- you are 'sum'body special
- you make every meeting count

Can - you can do it!


- brighten each day
- enlightening award
- how far that little candle throws his beams! so shines a good deed in a weary world. --Shakespeare
- light up the world with ____
- Shining Example
- shine on
- thanks for being a guiding light
- no one holds a candle to you!
- thanks for lightening the work load

Candy hearts - thanks for putting your heart into ...
Car - you 'auto' see ...
Carbon paper - In a world full of copies, you remain an original
Carrot cake - I really 'carrot' a lot about you. thanks for all you do for me.


- from meow to you
- purrfect phffftt!
- purrsonally
- what's mew?

Certs - you 'cert'ainly made the grade


- chair up!
- no one is more 'chair'ished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. thank you - you are 'chair'ished
- rock on

Chalk - chalk one up for you
Cheer soap - Cheerleader award- Mount a stiff wire through a box of Cheer laundry soap and add pom poms to the wire


- you're 'gouda' for us
- gouda for you


- something to crow about
- best of cluck
- no fowlin'

Chili peppers - hot stuff

Chips, salsa

- Chip, chip, hooray - you are the best
- you are red hot
- you're all that and a bag of chips
- you're one 'hot' teacher

Chocolate - you are worth your weight in choc.
Chocolate chips : we appreciate you! When help is needed, you're always willing to 'chip' in!

Cinnamon bears

- I can't bear to think what work, school, would be like without you
- our thanks to you 'bears' repeating


(plastic party watch, old broken watch, alarm clock, etc)
- for making the most of your time
- God gave you a gift of 864,000 seconds today. Have you used one to say thanks?
- thanks for your time
- this is the right time to --
- thanks for always finding the time to ...
- thanks for a thoughtful deed in a time of need
- volunteers find the time
- for always watching the clock


- right in style
- you're just my style

Clothespin - for hanging in there
Clover - we're lucky to have you
Clown - jest for you


- has it's perks
- school has it's perks & you are one of them
- thanks a latte

Coins - you are valuable to me, us


- for staying on track
- for going in the right direction

Compassion - tissue


- to add sparkle
- to celebrate with

Cookie - one smart cookie

Corn (ear, can or candy corn)

- corniest award
- you are a'maizing
- ears to you
- we are not trying to be 'corny' but we want to thank yo for all you do

Covered the topic - large plastic lid


- Udderly Ridiculous award
- there's no udder quite like you
- have you 'herd'?
- thank for raising all that 'moo'la

Cracker jacks

- you take the prize
- you are the prize in my box of cracker jax


- thank you for putting color into my life
- you color the world with your smile

Credit card - don't let your enthusiasm, etc., expire
Creme pie - when it comes to (___), you're the 'creme' of the crop

Crunch bar

- we can count on you in a crunch
- when I'm in a 'crunch', I can always count on you
- thanks for helping in a crunch


The Crutch Award - for someone we can always lean on


- my cups runs over with gratitude
- this cup overflows with thanks
- cheers!


- need a change?
- time for a change

Dictionary - thanks for always knowing just what to say
Dip - you never dip down below our expectations
Dime The coveted diamond pin (dime & pin) award- Glue a pin to a dime
Dog biscuit Worked like a dog- A mounted dog biscuit


- 'donut' you know you're the best (___) around?
- 'donut' know what I would do without you

Door - thank you for opening so many doors, then seeing me through them

Dream catcher

- This day is like no other. May you fill it with laughter & live the magic of forgotten dreams.

Dress form - head & shoulders above the rest (glue on a head cut from a magazine, etc)
...have a fit
...keep me in stitches
...not cut out for it
...on the cuff conference
...Sign on a clothing store - Come inside and have a fit. suit me fine
...Sewing - suits me
...Seamstress - sew-sew

Duck - 'waddle' we do without you?
Duster - you're 'dust' the best teacher around
Eager - eager beaver award
Ears - large plastic ears: 'ears' to you


- "Egg"cellent job / idea / etc award- For those who did an excellent job
- "Egg"citing or "Egg"cellent- Print words on hardboiled eggs like for Easter
- Good Egg Award- for the person who has been a good sport about helping

Elephant - Elephantastic!
Enthusiasm - cheerleader award: pompoms or megaphone
Eraser - because the impression you create, time cannot erase

Extenstion cord

- keep pluggin' away
- live wires
- well-grounded

Extra gum

- you always go the 'extra' mile
- you are extra special
- thanks for all the extra hard work

Eye drops - so you won't miss a thing
Eye glasses - looking good
Eyes on you - we're keeping our eyes on you (button or googly eyes mounted on a large felt letter "U")
Eye-opening Performance - box of toothpicks
Fairy - thank you fairy much


- fantastic job
- from your biggest fan
- to keep your cool
- you kept your cool


- You tickled our funny bone- A feather mounted to a bone
- get 'down' to business

Feather duster - you're 'dust' the best
Film - to develop your talents


- many 'tanks'
- tank heavens you were there for us


- Shining Example
- shine on
- helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel


- just to thank you for the beauty you bring into the world
- thanks a bunch
- you help others bloom
- bunches of love


Right foot award- For those who got us off on the right foot (Trace a RIGHT foot) - Best Foot Forward - sock with the toe cut off)

Foot-in-mouth award - for always saying the wrong things at the wrong time
Football - Football Award- to the person who always is willing to tackle a job
Fortune cookies - we are fortunate to have you
Foul weather award - raincoat, umbrella:to employees who deal with the most difficult customers
Four-leaf clover - we sure are luck to have you


- hoppy to know you
- wart's new?

Full plate

- Decorate a small paper plate with a small lotion bottle taped to the middle with felt marker hearts, stars, or flowers, etc. Around the rim of the paper plate: We know you have a lot on your plate, and you're working your fingers to the bone, So please this lotion--As a token of our appreciation

Funny bone

- For entertaining us
- resolving a situation with humor (feather attached to a piece of bone, dog biscuit, plastic bone, etc)


- down to earth
- hit pay dirt
- hoe for it
- 'tilling' it like it is...;

Gem - what a treasure!


- feeling gratitude & not expressing it is like wrapping a present & not giving it
- a little gift to show our thanks
- thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of my/our BD/wedding/special day with your presence & lovely gift
- thank you for sharing the most precious gift of all - yourself
- you are such a gifted person!


- Shining Example
- your make our _______ sparkle

Globe, world, milky way bar, mars bar

- some people pass through this world & leave it just as they found it. Others take the time to do the special things that make the world more beautiful
- you are out of this world
- you color the world with your smile

Gloves, work gloves, mittens (see also: Hands)

(Filled with candy, etc)
- Helping hand award- For those who was willing to help
- because you are so handy to have around
- thanks for lending a hand
- you are my right hand woman
- you deserve a pat on the back
- high 5! for your handy (work, ideas,)
- for adding that special touch

Glue, tape

- You stuck to it
- thanks for sticking to the job till it was done


- when we found you, we struck gold
- Golden plunger
kind of a jack of all trades...or the one you find does all the hard work that others don't line up to do. It is "The Golden Plunger" award. You just get a new toilet plunger at the store, spray paint it gold, and then write something on"Someone's gotta do it"

Goldfish crackers - you are o'fish'ally the best
Golf tee - Tee-rific-
Grapes - thanks a bunch


- we think you are 'grate'
- to a 'grate' friend
- we are 'grate'ful
- 'Grate' job!


- by gum! you are terrific
- it's winter; thank you for staying fresh with your teaching
- success is biting off more than you can chew & then chewing it
- thanks for sticking to the task & getting it done

Gummy bears - I can't 'bear' to think where we would be without you
Hair spray - thanks for helping us get things under control
Hammer - Knocked yourself out award

Hand (see also Gloves, )

- the first to lend a helping hand, the last to turn away
- you touch my life
- you deserve a hand
- we've got to hand it to you...
- for lending a hand
- reaching out to say thanks

Hand lotion - thanks for touching our lives
Hanger - hanging in there
Hanging in there - rope, monkey, spider, bat, clothes hanger, clothes pin, hook,


- Hat's off award- For someone we take our hats off to
- our hats are off to you

Head & shoulders above the rest - upper part of plastic doll


- for real dedication
- For those who always seem to have a big heart
- gratitude is the memory of the heart. Jean Baptiste Massieu
- Heartfelt thanks
- How very much you are loved.
- I would thank you from the bottom of my ehart, but for you, my heart has no bottom
- Purple Heart Award- for the person injured in the line of duty
- thanks for listening with your heart
- thanks from the bottom of my heart
- volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. thank you
- you have a special place in our heart
- your thoughtfulness is a work of heart

Helping hand - mittens, gloves, etc
Herbs, potpourri - it makes good 'scents' to say thank a bunch
Hershey's hugs &/or kisses - consider yourself hugged


- for all those bright ideas
- you are such a bright spot in our lives

Hippo - hip, hippo-ray
Homemade goodies - thank you: here are your just desserts
Horse - 'mare'ci (merci)
Hot cocoa - you 'warm' my heart
Hot dog - 'franks' for everything


- thanks for your hospitality
- you make me feel right at home

Hug - you deserve a hug

Ice cream cone

- an ice cream cone for the person who can lick any job
- here's the scoop
In general
- ____ come & _____ go, but you're the best I'll ever know. thanks for being there

Jack o'lantern -- you give me a warm glow inside


- jam-packed with appreciation
- thanks for getting me out of a jam
- thanks for always being there when I'm in a jam

Jar - filled with appreciation


- because you are so precious
- because you are as valuable as any precious stone

Jolly rancher melon - thanks a 'melon'


- Key to Success- For those who were key to making it happen
- you've been the key to our success
- you've found the key to success
- the key to success is doing; the key to happiness is to have done it
- key contributor: Buy simple gold skeleton keys (or get keys donated from a local lock smith). Create a certificate

King-sized anything - thank you for being there for me - a KINGSIZED thank you
Knot - sprayed gold:Golden Knot Award- for the person who has it all together
Latex glove - Udderly Ridiculous award- Blown up latex glove
Lettuce - Heads up award- For the person who is heads above the rest; or announcement (as in giving you a head-up)


- Lifesaver Award- for the person who assisted with solving a problem
- what you are to me
- we appreciate you a 'hole' lot
- you're (wonderful, much needed) efforts will be a lifesaver for ____
- for all those times when you have come to the rescue


- sprayed gold: Bright Idea award- For those who had a bright idea
- volunteers light up our lives
- volunteers make spirits britht
- watt's up?
- what a great idea!

Lion - we're not 'lion' when we say thanks

Loaf of bread

- when we 'kneaded' you, you were there
- knead a change?
- for being there when you were 'kneaded', for 'rising' to the challenge, large or small. For never 'loafing' on the job, for helping others 'heel' with TLC. No matter how you 'slice' it, you do a terrific job loving others.
- for rising to the occasion
- for not loafing on the job
- no matter how you slice it, you do a terrific job

Loch Ness award - for the person you know works there, but is never seen at work
Lollipop - we can lick any problem with your help


- thanks for giving a hand
- here's a bottle of lotion for all the kindness you set in motion


- Marbleous job
- your (dedication, enthusiasm, etc) kept us rolling along

Marker - thanks for leaving your mark


- no one matches you
- thanks for lighting the way
- you are a strike above the rest
- you are matchless
- tact is the ability to build a fire under people without making their blood boil

Measuring cups, tapes, spoons - you measure up


- Megaphone Award- For those who are soft spoken but get the job done or never shout
- a shout out for a job well done


- you are one in a melon
- thanks a melon

Milky way

- you are out of this world
- you're a star in our galaxy


- you are worth a mint
- appreciate your commit-'mint'
- breath of fresh air
- encourage-mint;
- I 'mint' to tell you how much we appreciate you
- that mint so much - thank you
- your dedication, ideas takes my breath away
- thanks for coming to the rescue at a mo'mints' notice
- thank you for your commit'mint'
- here's a patty on the back for a job well done


- shining example
- lookin' good
- time to reflect

Mittens - thanks for lending a helping hand
Mix - your leadership has put together the right mix on our committee


- thanks a million
- it's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. (Tom Brokaw) Thank you

Moons - we will be indebted to you for many moons

Mounds - for the mound of work, love, etc. you give

- we appreciate the 'mounds' of work you do, service you give
- you make a mound of difference

Mouthwash - please don't leave with a bad taste. thanks for your involvement

Movie, tickets

- thanks for a picture-perfect job
- these (___) are to 'show' how much we appreciate all you do

Muffin - there's muffin like you
Mug - thanks a latte

Musical note
- a note to start on
- for those who got us going
- here's a note to let you know how much we appreciate you
- some people bring music to those whose lives they touch - Flavia
- this not is coming with the warmest thanks to you
- truly noteworthy achievement


- you really nailed that
- you hit (---) right on the head

NASCAR award - for the person always running/racing around to get things done

Needle & thread

- Kept us in stiches
- you are 'sew' special
- 'needle' extra money?
- sharp ideas;

New Year

- (blow up a balloon & fill with confetti) there's nothing we'd rather do, than start the new year with you.

Note - musical, notepad, post-its

- a note to start on
- most noteworthy
- just a note of thanks


- nuts about the job award: for the person who had to be nuts to take on this job
- we're nuts about you, the job you did
- (wrap some nuts in tulle) we're nuttin' without you


- I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfer with what I can do.

100 Grand Bar - you are worth even more!
Onion - for having a 'bawl'
Orange - orange you glad that you...?
Oscar - you deserve an oscar for all your hard work: Oscar the grouch
Oven mitt - we ad-mitt that you're the best; that we are grateful
Paint brush - thanks for painting our ... with dedication, enthusiasm, etc
Paper clips - thanks for holding, keeping everything together

Party horn

- toot your own horn
- my kind of party animal
- this event was a blow out
- you just blew us away

Party mix - thanks for joining our party - you add a new flavor!
Payday - you deserve an extra Pay day!
Peanut brittle - any way you break it, we think you're the greatest
Peanuts - we're nuts about you
Peeps - for peeping up the good job

Pencil, pen

- for getting the point
- you have all the 'write' stuff
- you're the 'write' person for the job
- you did a stu'pen'dous job


- for the (extra, good) 'sense' to .....
- for a 'cents' of humor

Peppermint - when it comes to ___, you're worth a mint

Permanent marker

- to leave a lasting impression
- you left a lasting impression

Picture frame - thanks for a picture-perfect _____
Pig - pig award: for the big hams


- for always being pointed in the right direction
- let's get straight to the point...
- we think you're sharp

Plane - it's plane to see what a great job you did
Plant - thanks for helping our business, organization, etc. grow
Plastic knife - a real cut-up
Plastic lid - for covering the topic
Play money - thanks a million
Playing card - a real card
Plunger - Plunged right in award
Poem - thanks for always knowing just what to say
Pompoms - warm fuzzies


- just popped by to say thanks
- you add pop! to our (___)


- it just makes good 'scents' to say thanks
- for the sweet smell of success
- Use this with any smelly gift: you are 'scent'sational (candle, car freshener, etc)


- we'd be in knots without you
- thanks for tying up all the loose ends


- 1" dowels cut into coins & painted gold
- bricks spray-painted gold
- paper money with workers' faces on them

Pudding - thanks for 'pudding' up with us


- making it a 'purse'sonal note of thanks
- you're my favorite 'purse'son
- a 'purse'sonal note of thanks

Puzzle piece

- something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim. __william Feather

- you are an important piece
Raise in pay - for the deserving ones: a box of raisins glued to a backing


- thanks for 'raisin' the tough issues
- for most deserving a 'raisin' pay
- no particular 'raisin', except to say thanks

Record - Record breaker of any kind: break an old vinyl record
Red hots - TY for being a red hot ( )
Red pencil - you made the grade
Reeces - there are many 'reeces' why I think you're great
Ribbon - you deserve a standing ovation - take a bow!
Rice krispie treats- thanks for puting the Snap! Crackle! Pop! into our friendship/meetings/marriage, etc
Right Arm - doll's right arm.

Right foot

- for starting us off the right foot
- right shoe


The Rock Award - For those who are the rock of the group
- you rock!


- booming success
- out of sight
- it's a blast

Rooster - a job well done is something to crow about
Rootbeer floats - you float above the rest
Rope - The Rope Award- For those who always tie up the loose ends


- Rose to the occasion
- you rose to the challenge

Round of Applause We give our volunteers a "Round of Applause."
It is a simple piece of paper, cut into a circle with a photo of the staff cheering that lists to, from, why and the date. Anytime, we want to say thank you to a volunteer we give them a "round". After a person collects 3 of them, they turn them in for a prize, usually donated gift card, gas card, etc. (or gloves, paper hands, etc)

Rubber bands

- You banded us together- A bunch of rubber bands
- expanding our knowledge
- showing flexibility
- for remaining flexible under difficult conditions
- we're not stretching it when we say how much we appreciate you

Rubber stamp

- it's worth repeating: I appreciate you or thank you! thank you! thank you!
- leave a lasting impression
- impressive!

Ruler, yardstick, tape measure, etc.

- you rule!
- Measure up award- Your performance sets the standard
- no one measures up to you
- you toe the mark

Running with the bulls - toy bull: given to the employee who fearlessly faces challenges as the Biggest Risk Taker
Safety pin - you are bright, sharp & utterly indespensable

Salad dressing

- things would be pretty plain without you
- you've tossed out some good ideas
- thank you for addressing the idea


- you are on the cutting edge
- you are a cut above

Scales - thanks for weighing in


- a real cut up
- doing it in style
- sharpening your skills
- shear delight
- cut above


- sew important
- have a fit
- suited for it
- tailored fit

Sea shell

- Shell of a good job
- shell I tell you just how wonderful you are?
- shell you be joining us?


- grow with ....
- thanks for helping us grow


- hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel
- I am 'sew' thankful for ____
- on the cuff
- press conference
- you suit me fine
- we are sew greatful ...
- thanks sew much

Shaving cream - you've helped us smooth over the rough edges - thanks
Sheep - thank ewe
Shining example - mirror


... best foot forward
...always in step
...foot note
...good friends never go out of style
...have a lot of sole's a good fit
...Missing you - sure do miss 'shoe'
...put your best foot forward
...sole mates you won't step out of line
...step out
...step up
...toe the line gotta have 'sole''ve stepped into my heart
...wish shoe a happy day
...wish 'shoe' well

- Silver tongue award
- for talking your way out of everything: spray paint a shoe & pull the tongue out
- for going the extra mile
Smarties - thanks for all your good ideas, advice, etc


- some people have a way of coming in with kindness & leaving smiles behind
- you make me happy
- you color the world with your smile

Snacks - thanks a munch
Sneaker award - for sneaking out early
Snickers bar - instant energizer for doing 10 things at once


Just as every snowflake can add up to a blizzard, so every volunteer's contribution adds up to a storm of activity here. Thank you for your dedication
Sock - with toe cut off - best foot forward
Soda - we 'soda' like to thank you for ...


- you're full of soup-er ideas
- you did a 'soup'er job
- for all the 'souper' things you do

Spammie Award - for the person who emails the most forwards

Sparkler, spark plug

- added a spark
- you supplied the spark to get us going


- for hanging in there!
- TY you for succeeding, in 'spider' every set back

Sponge - Wet Sponge Award - to help soak up all the new info


- thanks to someone who really knows how to serve
- you are hard to beat
- you are a 'blend' of all good things
- a generous spoonful of thanks

Static Guard - The 'static' has vanished since you joined the group.
Stationery - you have been just 'write' for our organization
Sticky buns - thanks for working your BUNS off!

Stuck with it - a roll of tape, glue stick, etc
Stuffed animal - just 'paw'sing to say thanks
Sub sandwich, gift coupon - there is no 'sub'stitute for the excellent jop you did

Sun's your day to shine just dawned on me - shines through in all you do are my sunshine put sunshine in all you do
...God made this day for you!
...thanks for brightening things around here
...thank you for brightening up my day
...volunteers are always there make your job, etc., shine!
...'sun'sational job


- always looking for the good in others
- having a positive attitude

Sweet tarts - thanks for being a 'sweetheart'


- tackling something new
- for getting the point

Tailor is sew-sew
...have a fit
...keep me in stitches
...not cut out for it
...on the cuff conference
...Sign on a clothing store - Come inside and have a fit. suit me fine
...Sewing - suits me
...Seamstress - sew-sew

Tank, Army - many tanks


- since you've joined our team, things are really brewing
- you stuck with it
- you measure up

Tardy award

- for always being late for work
- better-late-than-never


- Right-on target
- hit the mark
- for keeping us on target

Tea bag

- Tea-rific-
- since you've joined our team, things are really brewing

Teamwork - for excellence in group work
Tee shirt - Tee-rific-
Thread - sew special


- Really tacky award
- tackle something new
- get the point

Tire guage - thanks for bearing up under pressure
Toad of the month award - for the bibbest screw up with the emphasis on learning from the mistake
Toast - burnt slice of toast: for a job well done

Toilet Paper

- For managing the all-important paperwork.
- thank you for helping clean up a messy situation
- we value your 'roll' on our committee
- thanks to you, we're really on a roll
- thanks, we can always count on you to get the paper work done
- thank you for helping clean up a messy situation
- we can always count on you to get the paper work done
- we value your roll on our committee
- with your help, we're really on a roll
- for all the crap we've been through


- Giving an eye-opening performance
- we'd be really stuck with out you
- thanks, you really stimulated the group today
- thanks for your input, sorry I was so picky
- we'd be really stuck without you. you have a knack for getting at the little bits
- thank you for the stimulating this meeting

Tootsie award - for taking off their shoes during work hours

Tootsie roll

- for the important roll you play
- you're on a roll!

Toucan - a little 'toucan' of my appreciation
Toy car - to keep rolling along
Train - for being on the right track
Tray - you are a tray-sure

Treasure candy

- we hit the mother lode in finding a treasure like you
- we treasure our volunteers


- check your bag of twix
- just be'twix' me & you, I appreciate all you do
- 'twix' you & me, you're doing a great job!
- utilizing your bag of tricks

Tylenol - thanks for your continued support. I know this job has been a real headache "U" - (button eyes on a large felt U ) Our eyes are on you- For the person who sets the example

Udderly fabulous - blown-up latex glove
Umbrella - come rain or shine, you are always there
Vampire - fang you notes
Velco - for getting a grip on ...
Vice grips - to help you grab hold of your dreams & hang on
Water - 'water' you waiting for? go for it!
Welcome aboard - strip of wood with word 'welcome' on it
Well done - burnt slice of toast
Werthers - we didn't know 'werther' or not you realized how special you are to us.
Whale - Whale Award- For those who did a whale of job (toy whale, mounted)
Wine - a toast to a job well done! thanks
Wooden spoon - thanks to someone who really knows how to serve
Yarn - we're 'yarn'in to say thanks

York Peppermint Pattie

- thanks for the refresh-mints
- thanks for coming to my rescue in a mo'mints' notice

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