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Compilation by Jazz!

Date Posted: 10:57:40 03/13/14 Thu
Author: jazz
Subject: Easter puns, sayings, etc. ( long list)

... Basket
...all work & no play can make you a basket case
...Don't put all your eggs in one basket
...the Easter Bunny is a basket case
...Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket
...get carried away
...a tisket, a tasket

- bee in the bonnet
- a bonnet can tame even the wildest 'hare'
- Easter bonnet
...the brown ones are not jelly beans

... Bunny-
...bunnies: not a 'hare' out of place
...bunny trail
...'ears' to you
...fat & hoppy
...'hares' to you
...hoppy to see you
- how bunnies stay fit: eggsersize
...I've decided how I'm going to decorate for Easter this year- dust bunnies!
- line of bunnies walking backwards: receeding hare'line
...mad as a March hare
...some bunny loves you

- have a 'whopper' of an easter
- sending sweet thoughts
- treat yourself to a wonderful Easter
- wishing you an Easter filled with sweetness
...carefree gum- have a 'carefree' Easter
...see carrot
- carrot patch
- 24 carrot
...cat- 'purr'fectly wonderful Easter
...cats with bunny ears: It's spring again; time for the Easter Purrade

- from your favorite chick
- peep it up
- from your favorite chick
- having a happy easter? Peep it up
- spring chick
- you are one fine chick
- you deserve a peck on the cheek
...cotton ball- a cute little tail attracts a lot of attention
...dog- fetching Easter clothes, bonnet

- Easter'rific
- Easter's on it's way
- it's Easter, for peep's sake
- Parade
- thyme
...Easter laughs in flowers

...see Egg
- 'eggs' mark the spot
...egg hunt in progress

- sorry all the rabbits are busy. So have a happy geese-ster!!
...ham it up

- bad hare day - hare brush
- Hare E. Rabbit
- hare-robics
- spring is in the hare

hatch ...have a candy-egg Easter & a jelly bean spring

- the hunt is on
- the thrill of the hunt
...He has 'reisen' (candy)
...I thought I'd prepare an exotic Easter delicacy. What's the matter? Haven't you ever heard of Pita Rabbit?

...Jelly Beans
...a friend is like a bowl of jelly beans, good to the bottom of the bowl
...how have you 'bean'?
...keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans
...Jesus 'rose' again, on 'Yeaster' Sunday. He died 'ferment' but truly He is the 'leaven' Lord.
...Jews who celebrate Christmas are rare. They're definitely in the 'menorah'tree
- Keep your paws off other people's jelly beans

... Peeps
- it's Easter for peep's sake
- not a peep out of you
...having a happy easter? Peep it up.
...little bow peep
...peepin' in to wish you a Happy Easter
...peep it up
...peep show
...pervert in a candy factory- 'peep'ing tom

Peter Cottontail
...plastic egg- wishing you a fun-filled Easter
...rabbit & basket: this year the easter bunny is really frantic- in fact, he's a basket case.

... sheep
...I'm going out on a 'lamb' to wish you a Happy Easter
- have 'ewe'self a happy easter
...in like a lion, out like a lamb
...two sheep: no bleating around the bush
...sun- it just dawned on me- it's Easter!

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