Dreamcatcher part 1
Posted By: © Roxy
Date: 2004/7/21 3:48 p.m.
Materials needed:
Hoops ( I used a 3 inch and a 6 inch)
yarn ( any color)
feathers (color of your choice)

Now, lets begin. Tie a knot around your hoop and start wraping.

Use whatever length of yarn you are comfortable with. You can always add on to it as in this next picture. When adding on, make sure you wrap your yarn around both ends of the previous yarn and the new yarn.

This is how your hoop should look when you are finished wraping it. Don't forget to tie your yarn off at the end

Now you start with a new piece of yarn and tie that on to your hoop. This is where the fun begins.

You will begin to weave at this point. First by making loops all around your hoop and next by weaving in and out of these loops. Use your finger to wrap the loops around so they won't be to tight. Using the darning needle helps you to insert you yarn though the loops and between your finger.

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