Handbag Doorstop © by Sandyann, 2006:

Cut one pattern pieces on the fold.

For the handle cut a piece 27cm x 9 cm
Over lock or neaten the two top parts .

Sew a 1.5cm hem along both top parts also and also sew the handle on to one end like in the picture, it is easier to sew the handle in before you do the sides seams, just sew it 1cm in from the edges, just enough sew that the sides seams will fit.

Becareful to position the handle correctly so it isn't twisted.
Now with the handle press a 1 cm under on both long sides as shown in the photo.
Then press in half Now sew down both sides near to the edges and also sew a line down the middle.
Sew up the sides of the bag.

Now you have to flatten the bag out like in the picture and sew across the flat corners , then you sew across 5cm up from the very tip of the flattened seam.
This make the bag sit flat and gives it a little "bottom".

Now turn the bag right side out and pop a freezor bag inside and fill with sand to suit, keep plopping the bag up and down to get the sand to fill all the little creases and so it goes right down to the bottom corners. then tie of the bag so the sand doesn't spill out.

Then all I do is glue the opening shut and place a few pegs or small clamps on while it dries and then glue on flowers and a bit of beading or you can embellish them any way you like.

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