Bowl made out of scraps
Posted By: Roxy
Date: 2004/5/7 1:15 p.m.

This will be a bowl made with 4 layers.
Using all your scraps of material cut into squares.

Here's what you need:
-1 by 1 inch squares of material
-Elmer's glue
-paper plates
-a bowl mold ( styrofoam bowl)
-some muslin
-For the "mold" use an upside down Styrofoam bowl.

Cut up different fabrics into 1" by 1" inch squares (doesn't have to be precise).
Use a mixture of half glue/half water ( I personally like to make my mixture a bit thicker and not to runny)

Now pour slightly watered down Elmer's glue onto a paper plate and wipe the little squares of fabric on the plate to cover them with the glue. (Be sure to over lap each square as this first layer is the inside of your bowl.)

The first layer of fabric will be the inside of the finished bowl.
Make sure you place the little squares of fabric onto the bowl with the right side away from you. Then glue on two layers of muslin.
These middle layers will give the bowl some structure.
The top layer is the outside of the finished bowl so glue the fabric squares with the right side facing you.

Let the bowl dry for 3 days before removing the Styrofoam bowl.
The trick is to let it dry without sticking to anything.
Let it dry on top of a coffee can upside down so the edges of the bowl aren't touching anything. When you remove the bowl, some of the fabric may lift off but it can be easily glued back down. Then trim the edge of the bowl to make a clean edge.

Now you can decorate your bowls with ribbon, beads, seashells, what ever you want.
Make as fancy or plain as you like. You can then fill with marbles, colored stones, fancy soaps, cottonballs...What ever you like.
You can use this same idea to make a matching cup.
Then you can store your pens, pencils inside for your desk.
Now letís see what you come up with and share your ideas and pictures with us.
I'd love to see your finished item.

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