Some Sewing tips
Posted By: Roxy
Date: 2004/5/20 1:52 p.m.

Go to a car parts store and buy a set of gloves where the whole back of the hand portion is magnetized! You can put a lot of pins on it and it'll even hold small scissors for snipping off stray threads, anything that'll stick! It's recommended for holding nuts, bolts, screws, etc but itís great for use when pinning on lots of little squares on a design for quilting.

A handy tool to keep close is a magnetic bingo wand! Its handle is easy to hold and it picks up all those stray needles with just a swipe of your hand. Rather than digging into a pin box or trying to pull one out of a cushion, take a flat refrigerator magnet and turned it upside down beside your sewing machine. You can keep about 20 pins on each one. They come in very handy and move from room to room when you just want a few.

"Rubberized shelf protectors are wonderful to prevent your sewing machine foot pedal from slipping all over the place. Just cut a piece larger than your foot pedal and place it underneath the foot pedal. Also, if you have trouble with your sewing machine 'walking' across your table, this same product will help."

If you have a hard time threading a needle from one side, try turning the needle around and thread the other side - every needle has a front and back side.

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