Block Rag Quilt
Posted By: linda
Date: 2004/6/14 9:34 a.m.

instructions for a "rag quilt".
-The easiest way to do it would be to use Homespuns or flannels.
-Cut 2 6 1/2" inch blocks from several different colors.
-Lay one block of your material down and put a 6" piece of Warm and Natural then another piece of your material on top (make a sandwich).
-At this point you can quilt an X or a + on the block.
-Then sew the blocks together with 1/2" seams.
-After stitching all the rows together cut "fringe" on the seams.
-After the seams are cut place the quilt in the washing machine
to wash and then place in the dryer (make sure you clean out the dryer vent after doing this).
-If it is not totally frayed, you can continue fraying with a brush .
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