Clutch purse directions
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Date: 2003/10/29 3:37 a.m.

Any style lined purse is rather easy.
Sherry (Saskatchewan) asked for the box purse. Here is one version with ways to modify, also. There are not any overall measurements for size of purse. That is your choice how big or small you want them.
The diagram illustrates a rectangle with rounded corners.
The outside fabric is cut on the fold.

-The corners may be rounded more by using a cup, glass, or saucer to get the shape you want.
-This is ideal for heavy napped fabrics like sherpa or fur.
-You can also modify this layout as listed below.
-The lining is cut using 2 pieces affording a seam in the bottom.
-Cut the sides about 1/2" smaller than sides of outer fabric.
-Cut top 1" less than top edge of outer fabric.
-This will "pull" the outer fabric in, giving a nice edge.

Sew side seams and around top edge with right sides together. Leave bottom seam of lining open enough to turn purse right sides out. Turn bag and stitch opening closed using either hand blind stitch or machine stitches using a small setting without puckering fabric. Closure can be Velcro either centered, or more if opening is large.

Straps or handles made from tubing or braid can be added if desired. They are sewn into side seams of outer fabric near the top.

Sherry, if you want to make the clutch more boxy, then add 1-1/2" of fabric long enough to go around from the top, down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side to the top. Remember to cut 2 pieces of the outer fabric instead of cutting it on the fold ~ you might have to add a seam allowance of 1/4" across the bottom where the fold was!

You can use poster board 1" wide x same length [less seam allowance at top] to add body to the fur. Use 1" x length less 2" for the lining. Use a spray adhesive for the fur to the poster board making sure your seam allowances are even. I allowed 1/4" seam.

You might want to taper the top edges of the poster board down to maybe 3/8" at the top so the closure will look nice. If there are any questions, feel free to ask! Please share what you come up with, too! That's the fun part...

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