_ Cherine's baby rag quilt _

Sure thing, be happy to!
Let's see.... When shopping, select two different cotton fabrics and one flannel that all tend to coordinate, about 1 yd each (guessing).
Cut 30 7" squares from each of them.
Now stack into a total of 30 blocks with the flannel in the middle like quilt batting would be. One of my fabrics featured smiling flowers and the other smiling fish, so make sure your faces are all the same direction on both sides. You will be alternating half the blocks, so I tried to make sure the flannel would be facing towards me on all of them, although that probably doesn't matter.

Pin each block in the center with a straight pin.
Now take them to your sewing machine, and stitch a big X across the center of each one, leaving about 1/2" unsewn near the raw edges.

Now you will sew the blocks into strips of 5 across, alternating patterns and using 1/2" seam allowances. Be careful to sew the seam so that the seam will be on top (facing you). When the strips are done, you'll sew them together. You'll wind up with 5 blocks across and 6 down.

Make sure all seams are on top, facing you.
Now run a 1/2" seam near the raw edge all around the whole thing (all 4 sides).

Next, taking a pair of very sharp scissors, cut out (remove) about an inch at each of the four corners, then snip in about 1/2" increments all the way around it and along each crisscrossing seam. It's tricky getting up into where the blocks connect, but just do the best you can, for it really won't be very noticeable when the quilt's all finished. I bought a pair of special scissors for this purpose; the head is very small and sharp. It was also easier for me to snip through the top 3 layers of each seam, then turn and snip through the bottom 3; otherwise, it's very thick.

Now, when that's done, I tossed mine in the washer for just a quick rinse cycle and then into the dryer, and this makes those seams fluff. The more it's washed, the fluffier and more chenille-like they'll become. Hopefully, I've explained all this okay. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And don't forget to post pictures, please!

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