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Date: 2004/6/5 6:06 p.m.

Well, Dot asked how to make worry beads.
There are many different cultures that use worry beads to relieve stress. There are also many different ways to make them. Here is one design for you and the how to's of making them.

You'll need a length of cord to string your beads on.

Put a dap of glue on each end of your cord, this makes stringing easier. 20 wooden beads ( you can use other beads also such as glass beads) 2 small wooden beads

Now you begin to string your beads. You add 8 beads on one side and 8 beads on the other side. Leave a large enough space between your last 8 beads so that the beads can move freely on the cord. The people that use these beads move them from one side to the other. There is something about the clanking sound that they like to hear or relaxes them.

Now you tie a knot leaving a length of cord on either side as in this next picture

Now you are ready to string 2 beads on each of your ends. Again you leave some space so the beads move freely.

After you have your 2 beads on each end you add 2 small bead on each side.

Now you tie a knot at each end as you see in the next picture.

Now here is the finished results. Enjoy your worry beads.

This is just one style of making worry beads.

You could have only one string hanging on the end with a medal or charm. Some even add a tassel on the end.

That is up to you and the type of worry bead you want to design.

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