Prayer Beads/Rosary © by Roxanne F:
Date: 2004/6/3 6:24 p.m.

-You'll need a length of cord about 60 inches.
-53 beads of one color
-5 beads contrasting color
-1 medal
-1 cross
-a bit of glue
-A Rosary maker
-clear nail polish

***the rosary maker is something you can make yourself by useing a spoke from a broken umbrella. I also tried a crochet needle and it worked for me too. You can get the supples at any craft store although I got mine from a parish church.

1... first you have to add a bit of glue to the end of your cord and let dry. This makes stringing the beads easier. Then useing the other end you attach it to a medal with a knot.

2... now your ready to string on your beads. In this case, I used blue and added 10 beads. Then I made a knot at the end of those beads and added 1 white bead. Again I made a knot to secure this bead. You can omit these knots, but I like it better with them. You continue in this manner till you have 5 decades on your cord.

3...Now your ready to attach the other side of your medal to the cord.

Using the rosary maker, you twist your cord around the maker 4 times.

Then your insert the cord through the center of your cord to form a knot. As shown in steps 3 & 4

5... Tie on your cross with a knot, cut off any string and put a dap of clear nail polisher on the ends of your knots to help secure them and your finished.

Enjoy your beads.

Hope you have fun making them.

Once you get the idea of how to make the knots, this is a very easy project to make and takes about 1-1/2 hours to do.

Here is the final outcome.

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