Paper Beads
Posted by: Roxy
Date: 2004/5/20 7:10 p.m.

My mom use to make these.
Found her recipe while going through some of her craft things.

Now, I remember mom using her crochet hook to roll her triangle paper pieces on to make her beads, but her instructions say a tooth pick.

Well, maybe you can do them both ways.

What you'll need:
Wrapping paper, wall paper, old calender pictures, old cards.
Mod Podge decoupage glue
Shallow baking pan
Damp rag
Pot of Vaseline
Floral foam or styrofoam
Acrylic paint in various colors
Small, round paintbrushes

Working from top to bottom, cut your choice of paper into long triangular strips. Hold your hand steady and cut a straight line, otherwise your bead will look all out of shape. Nip the pointy end off of each strip. Prepare your work surface by pouring cup decoupage glue into a baking pan and arranging the floral foam and toothpicks within reach.

Run one strip at a time through the panful of Mod Podge, making sure each side is well-covered. To squeeze excess liquid from the paper, slide the paper strip between your thumb and forefinger. Wipe your fingers on a damp rag before continuing . (This will all be very awkward and sticky at first, but be patient and you'll soon have a clean, efficient system going!). Take a toothpick and dip one end in the Vaseline. This will keep the glue from sticking to the wood. Starting at the wide end of the strip, wind the paper around the toothpick, smoothing and tightening as you go.

Place the toothpick into the floral foam to dry.
When the beads you've made are good and dry, they are ready for finishing touches. Paint designs on them with acrylic paint, or just apply a coat of shellac to add some shine. Orange shellac is great to unite different-colored beads with an antique-like gleam.
© Roxanne, 2004/5/20

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