Earrings © by Peggy:

To make a basic pair of dangly style earrings,

first, find beads in colors and shapes that you like

and think go well together. (See "Supplies picture").

Arrange them on the head pin (fig. 1)
in the fashion that you feel is most pleasing.

Leave a space of about 1/4" at the end.
With a flat nosed pliers (See picture),
make a 90 degree angle in the pin as close to the beads as you can (fig. 2).

With a round nosed pliers,
make a circular loop by bending the wire of the pin around the plier (See Close up fig. 3)
Close it at the end (fig. 4).

Thread it onto the earring wire. (Fig 5)
There you have it-- a finished earring! Enjoy!

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