4 - 6 foot lengths of 25lb test fishing line.
400 - tri beads approximately. (I didn't count.) Colors of your choice. I alternated two different colors.
190-200 - 6 or 8 mm faceted beads (Again, counting is not my strong suit.)
1 - 1 inch metal ring or metal key ring
I use clips to hold the beads in place to keep them from falling off the strands I am not working on at the time.

Hope someone will give this a try.
If you want to make a larger one, cut longer strands of fishing line, use more beads in each section and you can also use larger beads. Most of all...Have fun.

1. To begin put one end of the 4 - 6 foot lengths of fishing line through metal ring so that each side is equal.

2. Thread the 8 ends of fishing line through 4 tri beads.

3. Separate the ends into 4 groups of 2 and thread 3 faceted beads on each.

4. Group 8 strands together and thread on 4 tri beads.

5. Separate into 2 strands each again and thread on 5 faceted, 5 tri bead, 5 faceted, 5 tri, 5 faceted, 5 tri, 5 faceted, 5 tri, 5 faceted, 5 tri, 5 faceted on each two strand group.

6. Separate each strand of fishing line and thread 25 tri beads on all 8 strands.

7. Take two strands of tri beads together and thread on 20 tri beads to the double strand of fishing line, repeat around. 4 strands with 20 tri beads.

8. Gather all 8 strands together and thread 5 tri beads on all.

9. Separate to four groups of two strands and thread on 5 faceted beads, 5 tri beads, 5 faceted, 5 tri and 5 faceted on each two strand groups.

10. Make a double knot at the end, and then a knot above the last bead.

Then thread the fishing line up through the beads in each strand.

Trim off excess, and put a 5 or 6 inch potted plant in to hang.
© Margie Coughran 6-22-2004

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