Paperclip angel by Hazelanne

The small angels are made with # 2 size paperclips from Staples.
They are 1 1/4 by 1 1/2 inch size paperclips.
I buy the irridescent craft cord from Walmart in the plastic canvas supply aisle.
Wrap the cord around the paperclip starting at the bottom where the clip crosses over.
Leave a tail so you can tie it with the other end piece when you are done wrapping.
The hanger is tied on where the paperclip crosses over at the top.
Slip a bead over the hanger and secure with glue.
Wrap the lace around where the waist would be and glue in the back.
Put another piece of lace under the chin and glue that in the back.
Glue flowers or other embellishments where the hands would be.

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