Beaded Chicken Egg © 2007 by Desertbrat:
Date: 2007/3/23 7:32 p.m.

Supplies for this egg project:
*1 egg (I used a large chicken egg)
*1 pair sharp pointed manicure scissors
*White sewing thread
*Scotch tape (to make teeny hole on "spout" of glue bottle)
*Tracing paper

* A long needle, thin enough to go through the beads you've chosen. (I never use regular beading needles cause they're sorta "flimsy". Just a personal choice of mine.)

*White glue that is NOT waterproof. (I like Aleene's Tacky Glue in the brownish gold colored bottle.)

*Beads of choice. I used crystal, blue, red, green & black beads. (I would suggest using the same-sized beads ... using different sized and different shaped beads on this project proved difficult. At least for me.) (^:

*Containers to hold beads. Bowls are good, so you can get your needle down into the beads, to "scoop" them onto it.

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1. Personally, the first thing I do to an egg, is wash the egg in soapy bleach water, then rinse in clear water!!

After drying it off, I (gently) use an Emory board (or sand paper) all over the eggshell, to roughen up the surface a little bit.

2. The next thing is to put a hole in each end.

You can use a large needle to do this ... but the sharp tip of little manicure scissors works best.

3. After you make the holes in each end of the egg, use a long needle to break the yoke inside and "stir" it up as much as you can, so the egg will exit a little easier. (I wipe off the end of the egg with bleach-water, before I put my lips to the hole to blow the egg out.)

In the photo on the left, the hole in the eggshell was made with the needle. See how "raggedy" it is? The photo on the right, shows the neat little hole, made with manicure scissors.
4. After the egg is blown out, hold the shell under soapy, bleach water, to get water inside it. (See photo) Then, shake it around, to wash out any remaining egg.
I do this till there is no color of egg in the water that comes out of the eggshell. Sometimes it takes doing this 4 or 5 times. Then, using clear water, do the same thing, making sure you rinse out all the bleach water.
Set the washed eggshell aside for a coupla days, to give it time to dry completely inside.

5. Brush 2-3 coats of glue over paper and let dry completely between each coat of glue.

This strengthens the shell where the holes were.

The tissue paper is hard to see in the photos below.

You could use any kind of paper, I suppose, that would lay over the hole without puckering and would dry smoothly. (I tried dryer sheet patches, but they dried rougher than I liked.)

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