Wiskbroom ladies

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Dated : November 09, 1998 at 10:14:46
Subject: Re: Wisk Broom Ladies

My grandmother has a whisk broom lady on her wall.
The way the "dress" is made is with lace wrapped around the broom overlapping itself.
Just start at the top and in layers go around the broom. (Hope that made sense).
The hat is just a straw hat that is folded softly in the middle and stitched closed near the bottom.
It makes a bonnet affect.
The hat is decorated with lace like the skirt.
The hat is just glued onto the handle of the broom.
A few hair ringlets were added near the bottom.
She made a sleeve out of lace and stuffed it with fiberfill, then she used a store bought doll hand and placed in the front
of the sleeve. The sleeve is glued on also.
Where everything meets (to hide any glue mess and just looks nice) there is a ribbon bow with a flower in the middle.
This particular doll hanging is holding a basket of flowers.
The dress and hat are also embelished with flowers.
I hope you have seen one before so you can follow my directions. Enjoy and good luck!!

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