Silverware windchimes

Posted by Reenie on May 28,
Silverware windchimes

1 fork
1 butter knife
4 spoons
one metal ring
clear nylon thread or fishing line
needle nose pliers
drill with bit for stainless steel (if that's what you're using)
First, drill a small hole in the handles of the fork and spoons and in the end of the SPREADING part of the butter knife..not the handle. Take the fork and bend the two inner tines outward (with the needle nose pliers) facing the front and one facing the back.
Bend and turn the two outter tines sideways, so all four tines point out in each of the four directions.
Next, with the pliers again, bend just the tips of the tines up and over to form a little circle on the top of each tine.
Take a piece of nylon thread (any length you want your windchime to be) and tie it through the hole in the knife.
Tie the other end of the thread to the base of the two middle tines of the fork, so that the knife hangs directly under the fork.
Next, tie matching lengths of thread through the holes in the spoons and tie each of the ends through the little circles you formed on each of the tines of the fork.
So, now you should have the knife hanging in the center of the fork and one spoon off of each of the tines.
Tie a piece of thread to the hole in the handle of the fork, and attach a metal ring to the other end to hang it.
There you is really so simple...drilling is easy, and so is putting it should be able to make up a bunch of them in no time flat.

lynda from b.c. posted Message 4369 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
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Subject Re windchimes

get a metal strainer and some cutlery with plastic handles[the more color the better]drill hole in the handles and attach to strainer with fishing line,add more fishing line for a hanger.that is a different wind chime.good luck,lynda from b.c.

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