mini Watering Can

Linda posted Message 134 in the CraftPals Recycling
Dated : June 25,
Subject: Mini watercan table decoration
Are you looking for a cute table decoration?
Here is something that was made for a retirement tea.
Hope you can follow the directions.

You need a small baby food jar,
8 tongue depressors,
a golf tee (natural colour),
a plastic hook (one that might have a peel and stick backing to it would be great), glue,
an elastic,
and a small piece of an oasis.
Around the edge of the jar put the tongue depressors.
Cut them slightly higher than the jar to a point.
Use an elastic to hold them to the jar.
Use the plastic hook to become the handle of the watering can and the
golf tee to become the spout.
Glue these onto the tongue depressors.
Inside the jar you can either put a small oasis and then add some different small flowers,
or you can just arrange the flowers in the jar.

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