Washcloth Baskets

Posted by Betty Lynch on June 22, 1999
Anyone looking for idea how to make washcloth baskets out of washcloths.?

Materials:v 2-Bathroom washcloths (Large)
any color 1-5inch wooden embroidery hoop.
3 yards of 3/8 in Offray ribbon (to match your washcloths.)
Artifical flowers, Roses,small or any other.
1.Wind ribbon around embroidery hoop.
Wind ribbon over lapping about 1/4 in.
Glue the ends when you start and end.

2.Roll the first washcloth one side to the middle and glue down inside.
And take the other side and do the same.
And put the rolled washcloth on top of the second one and do the same.
Fold washcloth in half.
And put the ribbon around the middle of wash cloth.
And make a bow and put in the middle.
And put your flowers down in between the washcloths. And glue.

Betty Lynch

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