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Dated August 21, 1999
Subject Transfer Ink

Use this ink to transfer designs printed with your computer printer or copy machine. You can transfer to things too small to fit into your printer or just won't go into your printer, like fabric or big poster boards. Use your imagination. Try the cartoon section of you newspaper.

Just remember whatever you transfer will be the reverse image so make sure you lettering is printed in reverse image first. Note transfer ink works well with inkjet printers and copy machines but not at all with laser printers.

2 tablespoons of soap powder, Ivory Snow of soap bar scrapings.
Do not use detergent
1/4 cup hot water
1 tablespoon turpentine
Combine the soap powder and the hot water in a small jar. Stir until dissolved. Add the turpentine. Remember don't use the same tablespoon you use for cooking. Let the transfer ink cool before using or putting the lid on the jar.

To transfer a design. Start with a freshly printed design. Avoid using one that has been printed weeks or months prior to project. Use a paintbrush and brush the ink over the picture to be transferred. Wait 10 seconds. Place the object to be transferred to on top of the picture (I guess you could do it in reverse and place the picture on top of the item to be transferred) and rub firmly with the back of a spoon. Lift a corner to check if the design has transferred when completely transferred lift off completely, stand back and admire.

Storage: You may store the transfer ink unrefrigerated forever! If the ink solidifies just bring it back to a liquid state by placing the jar in a warm pan of water. Shake well and you're ready to use it again.


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