Towel Tots

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Subject Thanks Tracy!

#### Tracy, I just love it when people get their creative juices flowing and create something so clever as these little washcloth guys and girls. Thanks for taking the time to type out the instructions and share them with everyone. Here is a little rhyme about them. Hope you like it. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*
Towel Tot

Hold me close and hug me
I am what love has wrought,
A little washcloth baby
A towel turned into a TOT!

By Bonny Sattler © Sept. 15, 1999

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Dated September 13, 1999
Subject washcloth babies...Towel Tots

Well, here goes..
need 3 washcloths 1 white & 2 colored (can be the same color or 2 different) polyfil rubberbands (2 for each doll) lace (I'm not sure what it's called, but the bottom of it should flare out). not the flat stuff -white or colored 1/2 inch wide, 6 inches long for each doll (for look of lace on bonnet) satin ribbon

On first colored washcloth sew lace aprox. 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom (long ways)~ so lace sticks up on bottom..for bonnet brim. then fold that washcloth 4 times, should be long-lace should be close to the bottom edge of 3rd fold.

Fold second colored washcloth same way.
Take a handful of polyfil and one rubberband, put washcloth thru the rubberband on washcloth to make legs. Put polyfil in rubberband (note do not tighten rubberband...leave it loose~but there should be enough polyfil to almost fill the hole in the rubberband)

Take white washcloth & do 1 fold down from the top, aprox. 3 inches (long ways). Put polyfil head (with rubberband & legs attached) under the 3 inch fold. Fold the left side in, over the legs & head. Fold the right side over that (you are making the face and apron). Hold your hand over the white washcloth around the polyfil underneath, take folded colored washcloth (with the lace sewn on) place over polyfil head~make even on top~to form arms on each side.

Wrap rubberband around head and arms (note the white will show on the front and the back of the doll head) Put satin ribbon around the neck to hide the rubberband.

I play with each doll I make until I think it looks nice. All measurments are aprox. (I don't measure) I've done some colors on the hat, arms and legs the same...I've also done a red hat with green legs for Christmas. Just experiment with what you like. To make them fancier I have sewn lace on the base of the white washcloth ( for the bottom of the apron). NOTE I bought cheap washcloths...We have a Dollar General store here that sells washcloths 4 for $1.00!

I hope you can make out these directions..if you have questions feel free to ask~I'll try and help. ALSO~these dolls are all girls, if anyone can figure out a way to make a boy, let me know. Thanks,

© by Tracy September 13, 1999

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Subject BOY washcloth Towel Tots!!!

Hey, I was playing around with my towel tots trying to picture a boy doll & I came up with this... from the towel you use for the hat, fold it as usual but from the back fold cut off the last fold, cut off the seemed edge from the piece you just cut off (you will need that to hide the rubberband around the neck)

Take a piece of posterboard, I used a glass to trace a brim from a baseball hat shape. I made it about 2 inches wide & 2 inches long...tapered of course to look like a ball cap. Cover the poster board with the part of the washcloth you just cut off...actually you can cut that piece of cloth in half & use it for another doll. Glue, or sew, the brim on the fold of the washcloth that will be the hat and arms..I did mine about 4 to 4 1/2 inches in from each side...I was lazy and used hot glue. Be sure to have the entire piece of posterboard covered NEATLY with the cut washcloth, as all of it will show.

Then put the hat on just like in the other directions. One other thing I did was to make the "apron" part, the white washcloth that is also the face, a little shorter in the front. In the previous directions I had you fold the white one over 3 inches & place the polyfil head under that fold, this one I folded it 4 inches.

If you want to be sure your hat brim is centered properly you can put the hat part up to the doll & shove the posterboard brim underneath then mark it so you know just where to glue or sew it. I hope I haven't totally confused everyone. I was just so excited I had to come share it with you.
© by Tracy September 14, 1999

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