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Dated August 22, 1999
Subject Re autumn crafts

Hi Sherri T. !
I have an idea for you!
It's something like the scarecrow face on a straw hat idea, but a bit different and it's for Thanksgiving.
I made myself one to try it & when the family came over they all wanted one for their homes for the next Thanksgiving.

I use a 12' or 14' straw hat.
I draw on paper first (use this as your pattern) the turkey's body.
The "profile" looks something like a oddly shaped bowling pin or a peanut shell shape.
Sorry, but this kind of hard to describe.
Then I cut the pattern piece out and pin it to brown felt.
I cut 2 of his body shapes out (I also think it would work it you cut it on the fold ).
Next, I cut a "gobble thingy" out of the red felt.
Then I cut a 2 long triangle shapes out of the yellow felt for his beak.
I stuff his body with a bit of fiber fill or batting type stuffing leaving a small opening for his beak and I leave the back of him open to be glued on the hat.
I fold the 2 yellow triangles over to make the beak shape.
I hot glue his beak into the opening.
I glue on the "gobble thingy" under his chin.
Then,I glue on some roly eyes ( the oval shapes ones look great!).
Next, I glue his body, the open back end, to the straw hat.
Then I glue on silk fall colored leaves on the hat behind his body ( this will be his feathers).
Sometimes, you can get a strand of the fall leaves at the craft store and cut them apart. This is usually less expensive.
I glue on a piece of looped ribbon at the top on the inside of the hat for a hanger.
And whew! You've got a great Mr. Tom Turkey for your door.
That's where I put mine, but you may have a better place!

I know my directions must sound long and confusing, but it's really very easy.
Hope you like this idea!

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