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Margaret posted Message 1742 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : October 20,
Subject: old teapot craft.

Hi everyone,
I have a craft idea that a lady shared with me.
Take an old/new teapot and glue oasis in the bottom, then take some dried/silk flowers, and arrange in the teapot to your liking.
Now take the cover and hot glue it on the front of the teapot, it takes quite a lot of glue but with a littel patience it will stick, tie a ribbon around the cover to hide the glue, it looks sweet with a bow.
Now kiss the teapot to sprinkel some good wishes, and there you have a terrific gift for someone you care about.

I gave one to my neighbour for a gift because she drives me into town
sometimes when my husbands working, and she loved it.
Enjoy, God is with you , Margaret.

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