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lynette posted Message 1284 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : August 14, 1998
Subject: Re: seashell crafts
In the past I have used gold "rub 'n' buff on seashells to make then look different.

At the moment I am doing a nightclass on decorating/painting differentobjects. This week our tutor showed me how to decorate a basket with
seashells. First of all we dyed the seashells, using a dye which, when diluted with water, was a pretty seagreen color. We soaked the shells in the dye dor a few minutes, then "sponged" them lightly with gold paint.
(you could use "rub 'n' buff b4 dying).

Then we dyed the basket, using same dye solution (or you can water it down to give a different color) by putting solution in a spray bottle andspraying basket with it. (works best if basket not sealed or polyurethened) When the basket was dry we also sponged this lightly with gold
(not as brassy as it sounds) Then we glued the seashells to the basket, around the handles. We draped the sides of the basket by gluing fishing net to it.

Another tip I learned: , you know the little inexpensive plastic fish,seahorses etc you can buy for children to play with in a bath....
well the tutor cut these in 1/2 (so they were not bulky) and painted them for the basket. You undercoat them with acrylic sealer and sponge paint them in whatever color you want. e.g. seagreen/bronze then glue them to the basket.

I am going to use my basket in the bathroom for putting soaps and bath salts in.
Hope this helps. It an inexpensive way to do a pretty baskets using seashells.

Posted by donnar on August 04, 1998

Just got back from the beach & saw a really pretty wallhanging I'm going
to make.
A flat basket that hangs on the wall, filled with "stattice" (not really sure of the name,
dried flower type stuff).
It was really full, then shells were wired onto coated wires
& placed in the dried flowers. There was one with sand dollars instead of
shells that was really stiking. They had a wreath of 2" conchs,
one one way & the next the other way. This was also covered with
the dried flowers.

The opening of a large shell was filled with a net bag of potpourri & a
little bow with a rose was glued on the flat spot. Oyster shells can have
santa faces painted on them & hung with ribbon. Or long shells can have
ribbon wings glued to the back with a wooded ball head & moss
for hair. Little shells & colored sand can be placed in the top part of
"yankee" candles & the bottom filled with candy or whatever.
Drill holes & make wind chimes. Drill holes & use the hemp & macrame
to make necklaces. Fill a 4" round glass jar with small shells, put a
glass votive holder in the shells, tie with raffia.

Posted by sherriw on August 02,

We make angels with the clam shells , santas and angels with the oyster
shells, also we do a picture by arranging all the small
broken shells into a heart and write a message around it like:

My heart is a broken shell without you.

Also with the clam shells if you can find 2 that match glue together
and make shell people ...Also grat to add shells into candle wax.

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