Tea cups

Here is another good re-cycle craft for all those cups and saucers we have in the buffet cabinet and never use.
This makes a good gift and it is a very good seller at craft sales and fairs.

Make a mixture of sand and white glue 1/2 and 1/2.
Put three tablespoons of mix on saucer.
Lay cup in it {with any flowers or pattern facing up}
Let dry for a day or so.
Add moss to inside of cup and cover most of the mud mix, add flowers, bird, small flocked animals, fake goft for birthday, Xmas decor for Xmas cup, ribbon and finally if you want, add a music button to the cup bottom, cover it lace first, hot glue to cup twisting slightly as you do this to make a better fix, add a bow to the music button, then add a card to what the music is and how to play it. If the cup bottom is to small to accomade the music button mount at cup front and use bear of bird instead of bow.
Thrift stores and yard sales are a good place to pick up cups and saucers and as long as they come close, they don't really have to match.
Cracked and chipped cups can also be used as they can be covered in the decor.
Small demittase cups are nice to use, but a little harder to get. I sold about three hundred of this item last year for $7.00 each and I am still going strong.
Hope these instructions can be used by someone out there.
ps. I never tell anyone the mud mix, I always say it's a secret.

Lynda from B.C. Canada

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