Recycling Potpourri

Reuse Ptpourri that you've grown tired of in its loose form.
Foam Balls or wreaths
Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Project How to:

1. Seperate your potpourri by size....for example, I recently made a wreath from sandalwood and rose potpourri, and seperated the rosebuds from the sandalwood.

2. Doing small areas at a time, coat a portion of the foam with glue and then with smaller bits of potpourri.

3. Once the entire ball is covered with the small bits, arrange the larger pieces decoratively. If you are making a ball, you may choose not to add these larger bits. If you are making a wreath, the alrger peices look best when they are around the bottom portion of the circle. (you may also opt to just use larger pieces)

4. Decorate with satin ribbon, or leave plain.
The balls are wonderful for lingerie drawers...and both the balls and wreaths make lovely gifts.!

Thought it would be neat to put ribbon and maybe a flower at one end and hanging it in the closet.

Linda G USA

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