I was given one of these as a gift from a friend and wrote the directions for it. Hope you like it... Rhonda

Cut 1 chenille stem into 3" lengths.
Put a small bend in bottom of each piece (to stop beads from falling off).
On each stem place 12 tribeads (3 of each color hyacinth, sungold, acid yellow, and root beer) alternating colors starting with 1 hyacinth, 1 cun gold, etc.
Use 5 pieces of tan paper twist, cut into spikes to resemble corn husks.
Put corn husks around corn cobs.
Take a 9" piece of orange ribbon and make a bow around husks.
*NOTE- The three pieces of chenille stems were twisted together at the top after the beads; you may want to use a dab of hot glue or white craft glue to hold corn husks in place.

You are now ready to glue pin back on, wear and enjoy.

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